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Kolaido – Synthesizing Dreams from the UK to the Universe


Kolaido – Synthesizing Dreams from the UK to the Universe

Kolaido, real name – Steve Slade, is making waves in the UK’s dynamic music scene, where the traditional boundaries of genre are becoming a thing of the past. As a versatile solo instrumentalist, producer, director, and artist, he’s truly a testament to music’s transformative power. With his talent for creating soundscapes, Kolaido invites listeners on a journey deep into their own souls, painting auditory images that range from the vast expanses of space to the tranquil depths of the ocean. His work not only showcases his extensive artistic range but also his ability to connect on a deep, emotional level with his audience.

Kolaido’s path to music has been fueled by a deep-seated passion, an unwavering resilience, and a drive to innovate. Growing up, he was steeped in the iconic sounds of the Beatles—a connection so strong that his grandad even saw them perform live in 1964—and later, the groundbreaking album “Demon Days” by Gorillaz. Music wasn’t just a hobby; it was a vital part of his existence. However, it was during 2022, a year that tested him like no other, that he truly discovered his refuge and voice in music production. This led to the creation of “Tune Out,” a collaborative shoegaze track with Jack Hanwell of Sleeprs. That experience ignited a passion for sharing his music with the world, marking the start of what promises to be an exciting journey in the industry.

Kolaido’s sound doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. With tracks ranging from the Synthwave vibes of “Roamer” to the Cyberpunk feel of “Ex Machina,” his music weaves together a diverse array of styles, each one enriched with an ethereal quality through his distinctive use of reverb. He’s got this inclusive way of making music, encouraging listeners to find their own meanings and stories in his tunes. It’s all about embracing the beauty and freedom that come with interpreting music in your own way.

At the heart of Kolaido’s unique sound are his influences, a diverse mix that includes Grimes with her dreamy vocals and distinct soundscapes, the trailblazing experiments of Aphex Twin, and the deeply moving compositions of Hans Zimmer. These artists, renowned for their innovation, have not only inspired Kolaido to make music but also to explore new territories and redefine the boundaries of the musical world.

Right now, Kolaido is pouring his energy into “INSPIRE,” an EP filled with covers of songs that have shaped his musical path, and is crafting a new concept called “Exa.” This project delves into the music industry’s future and examines how technology’s integration might affect its soul. With plans to start performing live and the creation of a new band named “Void Echo” on the horizon, Kolaido is set to bring his captivating soundscapes to an even wider audience.

For those looking to dive into Kolaido’s work, his music is more frequently updated on SoundCloud, though it’s also accessible on Spotify. You can also follow, connect, and get the latest updates on Instagram.

Kolaido has a clear message for everyone: he’s not just any artist. He goes beyond any one genre, pouring a bit of his soul into every creation and adding an ethereal touch to any sound he works with. In a world where music brings us together, speaking a language we all understand, Kolaido’s music creates a place for us to reflect, connect, and feel deeply. As he keeps pushing the boundaries of his music, one thing’s for sure – keep your eyes (and ears) on Kolaido. He’s making his mark in the constantly changing world of music.

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