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Scarlett XIII – The Dark Flame in the Heartbeat of Atlanta’s Goth Rock Scene


Scarlett XIII – The Dark Flame in the Heartbeat of Atlanta’s Goth Rock Scene

Descend into the world of Scarlett XIII, the gothic rock powerhouse making waves in Atlanta, Georgia’s music scene. Founded in 2017 by charismatic frontman George Emans, this group transcends genre boundaries, skillfully weaving modern metal elements into a rich tapestry of darkly atmospheric goth rock. With their recently dropped EP and a lengthy tour on the radar, it’s fair to say that Scarlett XIII is a band unstoppably on the rise.

Despite being new to the scene, Scarlett XIII has quickly established themselves as a powerful presence in the music world. Their live performances captivate audiences, weaving together haunting vocals, vibrant stories, and dynamic musical energy that demonstrates a deep grasp of emotional impact. Their music artfully combines melancholy with hope and darkness with light, creating a soul-stirring experience that leaves fans longing for more.

Ready to challenge the status quo and increase their footprint beyond Atlanta, Scarlett XIII seeks the backing of a record label to help them take their music to the stratosphere. Ever the perfectionists, the band’s focus on creative exploration, have already garnered them a legion of fans eagerly anticipating the band’s aggressive gig schedule lined up for the summer and fall.

Their newest single, “Secrets,” is making waves on digital streaming platforms, serving up a powerful mix of goth, dark-wave, and metal. Along with its music video, the band has once again captured their iconic vibe: eerie, thrilling, and wrapped in mystery. The visuals take you through haunting forests and eerie mansions, turning “Secrets” into a journey full of narrative twists that give the lyrics an overall project profound depth.

Speaking of collaborations, Scarlett XIII has some pretty distinguished acts like Ghost, The Sisters of Mercy, and The 69 Eyes on their wish list. In the meantime, George Emans and band members Joe D. Carpenter on guitars and Devin O’Rourke on drums, continue to dive headfirst into their artistic journey, pouring endless passion into their music.

So, for the uninitiated, how does Scarlett XIII describe their music? “Dark, heavy but very melodic and catchy,” says George without a hint of pretentiousness, grounding the band’s monstrous ambition in a humble truth. Every note, every beat, and every word of Scarlett XIII is an invitation for listeners to step into their world touched by shadows and brightened by hope.

With a passion for music that has been burning bright since the band’s inception in 2017, their touring announcements are a breath of fresh air for fans. Ahead of this, they’ve continued pleasing fans and newcomers alike with their new official music video ‘Secrets’. It’s all systems go for Scarlett XIII, so buckle up and get ready to embrace the dark, the light, and everything in between.

Connect with Scarlett XIII and stay tuned to their journey on their website, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and get a taste of their music through the music video for ‘Secrets’. Let the enchanting blend of pain and hope in their music carry you away; after all, darkness has never sounded so beautiful.

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