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Headlining Success and Reading Futures – MindStir Media’s Journey in the Publishing World


Headlining Success and Reading Futures – MindStir Media’s Journey in the Publishing World

When J.J. Hebert, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestselling author, lept into the world of self-publishing in 2009, little did he know that this would be a career-defining turning point. Since the inception of MindStir Media, Hebert’s brainchild, the company has risen as a shining star in the publishing landscape, racking up accolades and achievements including the Inc. 5000 list entry in 2023.

Hebert’s own writing journey serves as the bedrock of MindStir’s successful model. With six bestsellers under his belt, including his debut novel “Unconventional,” he knows the literary world like the back of his hand. The feat of self-publishing was a bold decision that paid off, elevating “Unconventional” to a level few self-published books had reached before. This led to subsequent successful releases including children’s picture book “Weepy the Dragon” and the transformative novel “My Daddy Might Be A Wizard.” Hebert’s unique perspective and dedication to aspiring authors have earned him the esteemed title of “Self-Publishing Guru” by “The Good Men Project.”

MindStir Media, in the course of just under 15 prolific years, redefined authorship by breaking down publishing barriers, offering a comprehensive suite of self-publishing services. It bears a track record of publishing bestsellers, owing to this winning formula of unique self-publishing packages, high royalties, award-winning business model, copyright retention, and professional mentoring by Hebert himself.

With the publishing portfolio of MindStir boasting over 1,000 titles and 65 award-winners, their services attract renowned names like Kevin Harrington of “Shark Tank” and actress Mariel Hemingway. Recognized as the top self-publishing company by Penny Matters, BestTechie, iTech Post, and Kev’s Best, the firm’s success is considerably thanks to Hebert’s keen understanding of author needs – honed over years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Several success stories owe their genesis to this platform, from indie authors to celebrities. Notably, author Paula Wiseman emerged as the Amazon bestseller, her books receiving numerous accolades since her association with MindStir.

The rise of self-publishing has been incremental over the years, and MindStir has capitalized on this trend. Working to ensure that their publishing setup process remains as intuitive as possible, has garnered them a dedicated following of first-time authors.

MindStir Media provides the ease and availability the digital age demands without compromising on the age-old roots of traditional publishing. This platform offers a bevy of services including custom book cover design, internal layout formatting, editing, printing, distribution, marketing, and even a mentoring program led by Hebert for those seeking guidance.

A notable feature of MindStir’s approach is their non-exclusive contract. By allowing authors to retain their copyrights, the company has set itself apart from traditional publishers who often control these rights. This level of autonomy granted to the authors introduces an element of freedom in the creative process.

MindStir’s message is clear and validated by the recognition as a top-ranking entity in the publishing arena: self-publishing is a viable, rewarding avenue for authors from all walks of life. The evolution of MindStir aptly brings this narrative to light. Guided by Hebert’s vision and unyielding commitment, along with a team of industry professionals, the company has innovated a path for authors seeking to challenge traditional publishing norms and take control of their writing journey.

Whether taking the front seat on entrepreneurship by tapping into the possibilities of self-publishing or simply aiming to share a meaningful story, MindStir Media has established itself as an inclusive platform. As Hebert and his team carry forward their mission, the future of publishing continues to gain momentum, making room for more voices and diverse narratives.

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