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Manhattan Book Group – Revolutionizing Publishing With a Hybrid Twist


Manhattan Book Group – Revolutionizing Publishing With a Hybrid Twist

Nestled within the whirlwind of activity that is Broadway Street, Manhattan Book Group Publishers has risen in reputation as the fulcrum of an industry-wide revolution. Shaping the contours of publishing with a refreshing dynamism, this premier hybrid book publisher has devised a unique approach that combines the finest elements of traditional and self-publishing with an extraordinary promise to their authors – a guaranteed spot on Amazon Best Seller lists and major media placements on NBC, CBS and Fox.

In an industry replete with players tossing around nebulous claims about ‘marketing’ and ‘publicity’, Manhattan Book Group Publishers stands as a beacon of reliability. Deploying a strategy that merges the prestige and thorough service of traditional publishing with the creative control and entrepreneurial spirit of self-publishing, the company has consciously placed a high value on delivering tangible results. It is this certitude of outcome that forms the group’s unique promise to its authors.

The value proposition to authors is compelling. From boosting credibility to locking in coveted speaking engagements and raising the chances of securing radio and podcast appearances, the allure of an Amazon Best Seller status and major media placements is tremendous. Moreover, this potent combination can catalyze higher book sales, attract more clients, and stir up broader recognition – a spectacular windfall for authors striving to bring their narratives to the fore.

At the helm of Manhattan Book Group Publishers is the dynamic J.J. Hebert, a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author. Drawing on his decade-long experience that includes publishing almost 1000 titles in vast genres, Hebert has developed a proprietary author program that covers a broad sweep of publishing services. From professional editorial and custom book cover design to aggressive online advertising intended to secure the Amazon Best Seller status, Hebert’s program is an all-inclusive package whose pricing underscores the high-value outcome.

Moreover, this synthesis of traditional and self-publishing approaches that Manhattan espouses has garnered significant acclaim. Anointed as the “#1 Independent Book Publisher in New York City” by Kev’s Best and recommended as a ‘reliable’ and ‘viable’ publishing option by New York Weekly, the group’s pioneering hybrid model has earned high praise.

Furthermore, as a testament to the group’s prestige, award-winning actress and author Mariel Hemingway endorses Manhattan Book Group Publishers through a special promotional package. Available at an additional cost, the Hemingway package catapults books into the limelight by leveraging the actress’s influential status and significant following.

Despite its recent inception in 2018, Manhattan Book Group Publishers has continually refined its curated selection process that filters through potential authors sans the need for literary agent representation. Favoring high quality over easy output, the group prioritizes cogent narratives and committed authors, knowing well that the ‘quick and cheap’ route is a hollow promise in book publishing.

Ultimately, the strength of Manhattan Book Group Publishers lies in its innovative hybrid model. By deftly merging the rigors of traditional publishing with the flexible freedom of self-publishing, and adding a guarantee of exposure on major sales and news platforms, it has disrupted the linearity of the industry. Pouring life into author dreams, this forward-thinking group exemplifies the essence of what it means to be a premier publisher in the bustling heart of New York City.

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