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D’ISCO – The Symphony Of A Soul Reawakened


D’ISCO – The Symphony Of A Soul Reawakened

Hailing from quaint Bulgarian towns and villages, D’ISCO, (real name Branimir Aleksandrov) has etched an intriguing journey onto the fabric of his music. It’s as captivating as watching countless dawns break over sleepy homesteads. As an artist, his narrative aspires to inspire.

In his formative teenage years, akin to many creatives, he voyaged a chaotic and unpredictable path that deviated from rhythms and melodies. However, the irresistible lure of music eventually drew him back. After an extended absence, D’ISCO returned to the music world with his stirring single, “Mornings.” This track isn’t just the evidence of his comeback; it encapsulates his evolution, both personally and professionally.

“Mornings” showcases a profound depth of emotion, experience, and maturity, vividly woven into every note and lyric. It marks an impressive milestone for D’ISCO- an overture of vibrant promise. Yet, for this maturing artist, who is seasoning his artistry with precision, this triumphant return is barely the beginning. The global stage lies before him, awaiting the symphony of his soul.

Given the chance, D’ISCO desires to create musical magic alongside Robert Miles. His candid message to listeners: “Regardless of age, you can rekindle your passion and return to what you love.” As he continues to tap into his boundless creativity, D’ISCO’s devoted fans can anticipate several tracks and a video in the pipeline.

For first-time listeners, envisage a unique Pink Floyd-esque track brimming with unprecedented electronic timbres – that is his signature sound. However, D’ISCO’s style remains fluid and perpetually evolving, a fascinating work-in-progress.

His musical journey commenced at 13, inspired by a Def Leppard album and a challenge to master guitar chords. This spark, ignited by curiosity, rapidly morphed into a raging fire of passion. Alongside his best friend, Ventsislav, he joined a band, DULLO. Nonetheless, despite their enthusiasm and talent, they faced significant obstacles, such as limited equipment and mandatory military service, curtailing their band’s lifespan.

D’ISCO’s music, borne from resilience and determination, holds a mirror to his journey. His old recordings, rediscovered in 2019, were transformed into gold with time and revitalized perspective. Despite leading a busy lifestyle in the USA, D’ISCO decided to harness the hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to relearn his craft and reconnect with his dormant musical passion. The result was “Mornings.”

This track is a charged reflection of his fascination with the daily ritual of cities coming to life. From the swift and precise movements of cleaning crews to the warm smiles of elderly citizens selling homemade treats- all these bittersweet rhythms of life ignited his imagination for “Mornings.” When listeners immerse themselves in this track, D’ISCO hopes it will serve as a kaleidoscopic lens encapsulating their unique experiences of their cities or towns coming awake.

D’ISCO’s journey is testament to the power of resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication. Although initially disturbed by New Orleans’ harsh morning reality, he chose to carry on. “We wanted to capture New Orleans as it truly is,” he resolutely stated. The vision of truth, no matter how difficult to digest, fuels his current project, a video capturing the essence of New Orleans’ awakening.

Ready to experience the symphony of D’ISCO’s soul? You can find his music here. To stay updated on upcoming releases, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

D’ISCO’s journey is a monument to the zeitgeist of ageless passion. He stands as a symbol of hope and a beacon of inspiration for those contemplating on revisiting their lost loves. To borrow from the artist himself- “you can always come back to what you love,” and D’ISCO is living proof of that.

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