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Driving Through the ‘Traffic’ of Distance – Here Come MOON AND ARIES


Driving Through the ‘Traffic’ of Distance – Here Come MOON AND ARIES

Perhaps, distance seems to lose its barring when you’re wildly passionate about what you do. Reiterating this truth is the compelling music duo, MOON AND ARIES, who, despite a nine-hour time lapse and oceans between them, masterfully produce a cocktail of music that can only be described as a unique fusion of electro-pop, synth-pop, R n B, soul, and trip-hop. Living proof that art knows no boundaries or time zones, Jordana Moon based in Canada and Tom Aries nestled in Germany, create celestial sound narratives that resonate around the globe.

Their distinctive music draws inspiration from a range of music icons, as eclectic as their sound. Echoes of ABBA’s infectious enthusiasm, Kate Bush’s avant-garde vision, Depeche Mode’s electronic grandeur, Sade’s soulful crooning and the trip-hop intensity of Portishead and Massive Attack can be detected in their compositions which reverberate with the perfect balance of retro and futuristic vibes.

Now, they’re set to unveil their fourth album: “RESOLUTIONS & REVOLUTIONS.” This 12-song album scheduled for Spring 2024, has a unique melody in every tune, each more infectious than the last. A glimpse of what’s to come, four singles from the album have already been released in advance, each one astounding audiences in their singularity and emotion.

The most recent single, “Traffic,” masterfully uses a common human experience to tease out a philosophic and relatable narrative. With Moon’s lyrics and Aries’ beats, this single woos listeners into introspection about life’s traffic – those messy, tumultuous intersections where desires, dreams, and reality clash. They question whether one should back down or take control. But through it all, they urge listeners to ‘keep moving’ – an anthem for resilience and positivity, underscored by a catchy rhythm and jazzed up notes.

Jordana Moon, a multitalented instrumentalist and songwriter, uses music as an inspirational tool to empower listeners. She combines philosophical ideas with melodies, adding a profound depth to their compositions that is refreshingly unique. Tom Aries, on the other hand, blends his classical piano training with an enthusiasm for 80’s synthesizer sequences. Together, they merge their strengths, creating a rich soundscape that perfectly accompanies Moon’s deep lyrical stories. Theirs is truly a collaboration that celebrates diversity and honors individual strengths.

Balancing this remarkable remote collaboration, they’ve managed to produce 27 songs to date, achieving stream success that travels from Australia to the United States. Their groundbreaking sound has secured them a spot on more than 500 radio stations worldwide, with the song “The Arrival” garnering over 1 million Spotify streams.

So yes, distance may delineate the geographical boundaries between the duo, MOON AND ARIES, but it clearly has no say within their shared creative universe. They navigate these nine-hour time difference with an effortless ease that’s inspiring. It’s a valuable lesson that anything is possible when there’s synergy, respect, and a shared passion binding the collaborators.

MOON AND ARIES’ compelling journey of growth and adaptation to the challenges of distance and differing time zones firmly states that if the music is soulful and the intent genuine, it will indeed reach millions. Their successful endeavor is an eye-opener, an inspiration for musicians around the globe who might be stalling their dream projects due to geographical constraints.

From their debut album, “The Arrival,” in 2022 to their upcoming album, “RESOLUTIONS & REVOLUTIONS,” their musical journey pulsates with an honesty that’s rare in an era of auto-tuned perfection. Laden with raw emotions, their sound nudges listeners onto paths of self-discovery, amplifying the power of their shared human experience all along the way.

So, whether it’s the synth-studded “Traffic”, or their other heartfelt soul-searching singles, MOON AND ARIES continue to enthrall their listeners by molding ‘stories that matter’ into ‘sounds that resonate,’ driving this not-so-traditional journey more than just a ‘MOON AND ARIES’ closer to their fans, one song at a time.

Experience the universe of Moon & Aries in its entirety by heading to their official website. Satiate your auditory cravings by streaming “Traffic” on Spotify and enrich your visual senses with their exclusive YouTube video, showcasing exquisite art drawings by their friend, Ami, right here. Journey through their varied tracks on Soundcloud, and make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel. For behind-the-scenes and more, connect with them on Instagram and explore their discography on Apple Music.

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