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A Candid Conversation with Rising Rapper EvrY1LovesWaVy


A Candid Conversation with Rising Rapper EvrY1LovesWaVy

In the digital age, stars can rise from anywhere – even Appleton, Wisconsin. That’s where I found myself, albeit virtually, chatting with EvrY1LovesWaVy, or WaVy for short. As our video call connected, I was greeted by a young artist whose presence transcended the screen, his quiet confidence pretty evident even through the pixels.

WaVy, thanks for joining me today. Let’s dive right in – how did your journey in music begin?

WaVy: (laughing) It’s kind of wild, actually. It turned 17, birthday cash in hand, and what do I do? Buy a mic. Fast forward two months, and I’m recording a whole album in two hours, faded. It was something else, man… it lit a fire in me.

An entire album in two hours? That’s intense.

WaVy: (grinning) Yeah, wouldn’t exactly recommend it as a strategy. But it opened the floodgates, you know? Suddenly, I had so much to say, and music became my voice.

That’s quite a start. How has growing up in Appleton influenced your sound?

WaVy: (his expression turns thoughtful) Appleton’s… complicated. Lost my adoptive mom young, ended up in the system. It wasn’t easy, but it gave me perspective. My music reflects that – it’s a mix of everything I’ve experienced. One track might be pure trap, the next could be experimental. I don’t like to be boxed in.

I’ve noticed that diversity in your tracks. Was that a conscious decision?

WaVy: Absolutely. Life isn’t one-note, so why should my music be? I draw inspiration from all over – Ski Mask The Slump God, Yeat, Lil Darkie. But in the end, it’s all me. All WaVy.

You’ve been gaining traction recently. Can you tell me about that?

WaVy: (nods) Yeah, it’s been a trip. Hit 4,000 plays on YouTube, got over 30 monthly listeners on Spotify. But the real kicker? Launched my own label in January – WaVySqWauD Records Collective. Even signed my first artist, JxyLxcs. It’s about building something bigger now.

That’s impressive. What’s the ultimate goal here?

WaVy: (pauses, thinking) The end goal? I just want people to feel something. Whether you’re nodding your head, laughing, or going full mosh pit in your living room – if my music moves you, I’ve done my job.

I hear you’re not just about music. You’re into gaming too, right?

WaVy: (perks up) Oh yeah! I stream on Twitch – “evry1loveswavyy” if anyone wants to check it out. Mostly Rainbow Six Siege, but I’ve been grinding those Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ranked matches too. It’s another way to connect with fans.

What projects are you working on right now?

WaVy: (leaning closer to the camera, excited) I’m collaborating on this album with XXXMAKEEMRUN. It’s pushing both of us creatively. We’re not just making an album, we’re crafting an experience. Oh, and there’s a tour in the works too. Fans should keep an eye on my socials for those dates.

Any dream collaborations?

WaVy: (without hesitation) Lil Darkie, hands down. His style, his approach – it’s revolutionary. A collab with him? That’d be next level.

Let’s talk about your popular tracks. Which ones are really connecting with fans?

WaVy: Tracks like “Plug ME Up” with JxyLxcs and Yung Jay W, “The Best,” and “Too Fucked Up” have been getting a lot of love. Each one shows a different side of my style, from high-energy bangers to more introspective pieces.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

WaVy: It’s a hip-hop mystery, man. I explore everything from trap and cloud rap to boom bap and experimental stuff. It’s unpredictable, but always rooted in authentic hip-hop. Expect a journey that keeps you guessing and engaged.

Last question – what’s the one thing you want people to know about EvrY1LovesWaVy?

WaVy: (leans back, speaking deliberately) Stay humble. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but true greatness comes from staying grounded. Always be learning, always be growing. And never, ever forget the people who support you. Humility isn’t weakness – it’s the key to lasting in this game.

As our video call came to an end, I couldn’t help but feel I’d just had a glimpse into the future of a rising artist. WaVy isn’t just another rapper – he’s a force of nature, shaped by his experiences and driven by an unquenchable creative spirit.

Disconnecting from the call, the last image of WaVy’s determined face lingering on my screen, I found myself replaying our conversation in my head. His words echoed – stay humble, keep learning, value your supporters. In an industry often dominated by larger-than-life personas and manufactured images, WaVy’s authenticity really stands out.

Whether he’s dropping projects, streaming games, or building his label, one thing’s for certain – EvrY1LovesWaVy is a name we’ll be hearing a lot more of. From his humble beginnings in Appleton to the launch of his own record label, WaVy’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and creativity.

Experience WaVy live on Twitch, keep up with his moves on X and Instagram, and explore his beats on Spotify and SoundCloud.

As fans eagerly await his upcoming album and tour, it’s clear that this rising star from America’s Dairyland is just getting started. With his unique sound, commitment to growth, and dedication to his craft, EvrY1LovesWaVy is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the evolving landscape of hip-hop. The WaVy train is leaving the station, and if our virtual chat was anything to go by, it’s a ride you won’t want to miss.

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