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Dominican-Born NYC Artist Josi C Redefines Latin Pop


Dominican-Born NYC Artist Josi C Redefines Latin Pop

On an (oddly) calm New York City evening, I find myself sitting across from Josi C, born Jose Cabrera. The air buzzes with the energy that only the Big Apple can provide – fitting for a rising star who’s been steeped in this city’s rhythm since he was just two years old. With roots in the Dominican Republic and a heart that beats to New York’s pulse, Josi C’s eyes light up as we dive into his journey through music.

So, Josi, take us back to where it all began. How’d you first fall in love with music?

Josi: (laughing) Man, it’s like asking when I started breathing! I was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, but I’ve been a New Yorker since I was two. This city, it’s in my blood, you know? But if I had to pin down that spark, there’s this vivid memory from when I was just a little guy, maybe 4 years old. Little me, holding a candle, singing in Juan Luis Guerra’s children’s choir. “Ojala Que Llueva Cafe del Campo” – that was the song. Hundreds of people watching, and there I was, this tiny kid, just feeling… alive. That was it. That was the moment.

Wow, talk about starting big! But growing up in New York as a Dominican kid, it wasn’t a straight shot to the industry, was it?

Josi: (shaking his head) Not even close. Being the first-gen immigrant kid in New York, you know how it is. There’s this weight on your shoulders. Had to make mom’s sacrifices count, excel in school, be the family translator. Music took a backseat for a while. But man, it was always there, simmering. This city, with all its sounds and cultures, it shaped me, you know? Dominican at home, New Yorker on the streets – it all comes out in my music now.

And now here you are, living the dream. How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it?

Josi: (leaning in, eyes lighting up) Okay, close your eyes. Imagine a Caribbean breeze, gentle at first, right? Then suddenly – boom! – you’re in the middle of this wild tropical party. That’s my music. It’s Dominican heat meets New York streets. Smart, fresh, sexy… and always, always moving.

I love that description! What do you hope people feel when they listen to your music?

Josi: (pausing, thoughtful) You know those moments when everything just… clicks? When a song comes on and suddenly your whole day makes sense? That’s what I’m after. I want people to feel joy, self-love, maybe get a little lost in the rhythm. Music’s been my lifeline, man. If I can pass on even a fraction of that feeling, I’ve done my job.

Speaking of jobs, let’s talk about your latest single, “PDR”. What’s the story there?

Josi: (grinning) Ah, “PDR”! It’s about that person you just can’t shake, you know? No matter how hard you try to walk away, something keeps pulling you back. It’s doing pretty well, which is wild. Still trying to wrap my head around the whole promotion thing without losing myself in the process.

Any exciting projects on the horizon?

Josi: (nodding enthusiastically) Oh yeah! Got a new track cooking called “Otra Dimension”. Think galactic vibes meets dance floor heat. And live shows are coming up, which, not gonna lie, has me equal parts thrilled and terrified. Also got some remixes in the works, including one for an unreleased track called “A Palo Limpio”. It’s all happening fast, but I’m loving every second of it.

Before we wrap up, if you could collaborate with anyone, who’s your dream pick?

Josi: (without hesitation) FEID, hands down. His wordplay is insane. But hey, throw Karol G, Chris Brown, or Justin Timberlake my way, and I wouldn’t say no! Actually, I’m working on a song with an Indian writer right now. I just love beautiful music, no matter where it comes from.

Last question – any message for your fans?

Josi: (leaning back, smile softening) Just… thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Every song I put out there, it’s a piece of me. The fact that people are listening, connecting – it blows my mind. I’m living a dream here, and it’s all thanks to you guys. I hope my music continues to fill your ears with beautiful sounds and your hearts with joy.

As our chat winds down and the New York evening settles in, it’s clear that Josi C is more than just another rising star. He’s a storyteller, a dreamer, and above all, a passionate artist ready to leave his mark on the music world. With “Otra Dimension” dropping in late July and live shows on the horizon, the future looks bright for this Dominican-born, New York-grown talent. Keep your eyes (and ears) on Josi C – something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot more from him soon. You can follow his journey on Instagram (@itsjcabrera), TikTok (@josicmusic), or stream his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms.

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