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Alex Newman’s Fresh Take on Hip Hop Gains Momentum


Alex Newman’s Fresh Take on Hip Hop Gains Momentum

If you’re navigating through the crazy world of hip hop, the name Alex Newman might ring a bell. A rising musician, rapper, streamer, and content creator, Newman’s emotionally-charged lyrics and vulnerability are breathing fresh air into the genre, resonating with fans globally.

Newman’s music tells a story, drawing from his personal experiences. You’ll find heartwarming songs about his life and intense tracks that tackle broader themes. This blend of genres offers something for every mood and taste, making his music relatable to a wide audience. You can explore his work on all major streaming platforms and follow the rising artist via Instagram and Linktree.

Collaborating with renowned artists like Snoop Dogg, King Lil G, and X-Raided, Newman has sized up his bucket list impressively. Looking ahead, he wishes to work with Crypt, Atlus, and Tech N9ne, who have inspired his writing and struggles.

Newman’s latest project is his upcoming album, “The Wakening,” a self-reflective record filled with introspection and exploration of his past. His preceding albums, woven with overarching themes, have also rhymed with each other, a trend continued with “The Wakening”. This album portrays growth and awakening to his past, delving deeper into Newman’s early life.

His latest single, “Reconsider”, released on June 20th, showcases a compelling blend of Newman’s signature vocals and the angelic voice of Emily C. This practically intimate track presents an atmospheric instrumental backdrop, overlayed with Newman’s open-hearted lyricism revolving around a dissolved relationship.

Growing up in New York under the mentorship of his musically inclined great-grandmother, Newman’s passion for music fired up, focusing on hip-hop as an outlet for feelings and emotions. His dedication to following what his great-grandmother taught, coupled with a love for the English language, has enabled him to record and release a myriad of unique projects.

Newman, who identifies as “just a common man,” hopes his music can help others on their journey of self-love and growth. This sentiment stems from his personal brush with paralysis, which forced him to introspect, eventually fuelling his music with newfound wisdom.

Fans can get excited about Alex rescheduling his delayed 2023 tour, with new dates expected for late 2024 and 2025. In the meantime, he’ll be dropping a new album and several singles. His commitment to vulnerability and truth-telling is at the heart of his rise in the hip hop world. Whether it’s “City of Oakland,” “Conquerors,” or “Reconsider,” there’s a story in his music for everyone.

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