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Why Did Von Miller of the Buffalo Bills Single Out Joey Feste as Being in His Small Circle of Trust?


Why Did Von Miller of the Buffalo Bills Single Out Joey Feste as Being in His Small Circle of Trust?

Von Miller isn’t known for his love of the press. In fact, he tends to be fairly reticent about who he is and what makes him tick. If he does open up, though, he tends to share the lessons that he’s managed to learn over time. When he names names, people also tend to listen up. We’ll look at what he said in a short interview about his circle of trust, and why his financial advisor Joey Feste made the short list.

The Life of Von Miller

Von Miller may not want to be in front of a microphone or a camera all of the time, but it’s not because he doesn’t know how to talk to people. In fact, one of the things that helps him stand out on his team — besides his two Super Bowl rings — is his agreeable personality. Known for getting along with nearly everyone, his network is impressive. One of the reasons why is because he’s more interested in what he can do for others than what they can do for him.

True to form, now that he’s on the Buffalo Bills, he’s focused on finding his role in the team. He’s thrilled to play an integral part of the Bills’ rise, particularly when he’s seen as more of a leader these days. Miller’s biggest cheerleaders are also 100% behind the move. His financial advisor, Joey Feste, is excited for Miller’s new opportunities in the Queen City. Win or lose, Feste has remained on Miller’s side through it all.

What True Success Means

When Miller was on the Broncos, he formed a close relationship with mentor DeMarcus Ware. After Miller had a few disciplinary run-ins due to his use of drugs, Ware talked to Miller about the nature of success. Far from the answers Miller thought he already had, Miller decided to make a change in his life. He really started to hone in on what it meant to be a better player. He ‘forgot’ all the things he thought he knew before about his salary and how he interacted with the media.

While it would be easy to attribute Miller’s achievement to the luck of the draw, Miller has come to learn that this is far from the truth. “Success leaves clues.” This memorable quote from him illustrates the reasoning behind his professional studies. Miller won’t just watch his idols in awe, he watches both his heroes and opponents for information about how they play, and he answers the pivotal question of what he would have done if he had to face off against them in any given play. As Miller gets older, he keeps a strong sense of perspective about his age. He still believes that his best days are ahead of him, particularly when his mind, body, and spirit have never been stronger.

Part of being the best player he could be was finding the best team he could be on, which is how Miller ended up in Buffalo. The Bills had already tried to get Miller a few times, but Miller stepped up to prove that he was worth the 6-year, $120 million contract. Advisor Joey Feste and his son Joey Feste Jr. knew that the $45 million at the time of signing (plus an additional $51 million in guarantees) would take some planning to manage, but they also knew that their efforts would have untold benefits. The opportunities the money afforded Miller would be immense.

Miller and Joey Feste

Feste is the Sr. Managing Partner of a company called KM Capital Management, and he’s backed by his son Joey Feste Jr., the Vice President of KM. When Von Miller talked about his close relationships, he talked about his parents, his legal team, his agent, and Feste. Mentioning Feste makes sense when you consider how Miller has amassed wealth over the years.

Specializing in strategic growth management, Feste is known for his ability to make the most of every dollar. For professional athletes, few things are more important than oversight in a career that has a shorter expiration date than most. Whether Miller gets to play for many years to come or he suffers from an unexpected injury on the field, Feste’s financial advice makes it possible for Miller to carry through on his long-term plans.

Feste and his son Joey Feste Jr are both known for their ability to talk to clients on their level. Money management can be complicated for anyone, but its complexities only rise when you start working your way into the multiple millions. Feste has to balance Miller’s personal needs, his professional ambitions, and his philanthropic efforts before he makes major decisions. (Miller already has a foundation in his name. Called Von’s Vision, the program helps children in Denver get free eye care.) With his new earnings on the Bills, Miller will want to stretch his influence further in all respects. He’ll rely on Feste to get there.

KM Capital Management offers full-spectrum services to clients and the company has worked hard for its reputation for integrity in the industry. Feste and his son Joey Feste Jr. both bring different talents to the table. Even if they work in the same fields, they each have their own take on the best path to go. Between the two, they’ve established a firm that gives clients everything they need from their wealth. Miller knows that money isn’t the measure of success, it’s a byproduct that can be used to help himself and the people he cares about. Feste simply considers it a privilege to be a part of his clients’ legacy.

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