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Introducing the Latest Apex T Series By WeiArtCollections


Introducing the Latest Apex T Series By WeiArtCollections

WeiArtCollections is respected globally for its in-depth knowledge of the futuristic world of digital assets. Incorporating them into its artwork is genuinely inspirational, and the creative industry keeps begging for more.

The platform stays true to its motives and never ceases to impress art lovers, technology, and corporate leaders. 

Its ability to bring the most unique, abstract, and contemporary limited series of private artwork collections based on digital assets and futuristic beliefs is undoubtedly a cut above the rest.

WeiArtCollections blessed the world with contemporary crypto artwork not too long ago, a private collection series marked as truly inspirational by the masses. But this time, Jean Marquette, the visionary behind this successful platform, had new ideas.

Although mentioned on the “about us page” of their main website, the platform has always been about combining art with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. 

In addition, WeiArtCollections have always been open to featuring contemporary artwork series with influential technologies and companies that matter. In this case, Marquette chose Tesla to be their next big thing. 

The Innovation Apex Series T collections are inspired by the Tesla Logo and are up for purchase in both the NFT and physical format. All of the pieces in this collection are going to be unique and will strictly be nonrepeating.

He mentioned that he had been a fan since Tesla created its first electric vehicle in 2008, the Roadster, and shows his love all over this series of contemporary artwork collections.

But that’s not all; Jean Marquette envisioned making the best series of art the creative industry has seen, and as soon as he came close to the Tesla logo, he knew he was right.

Marquette mentions that he instantly started sketching everything he could possibly do with the logo, visualizing the captivating designs of all the 42 artworks and how glorious they would be in the his art.

Out of the 42 artworks, he recently released three unique pieces, which are as revolutionary as he wanted them to be, standing 8ft tall by 4 ft wide and weighing approximately the same.

Jean Marquette wholly supports the creative innovations of Tesla and, most certainly, the unique standpoint of a future-forward well-known company worldwide. 

The artwork was beautifully crafted to represent Tesla and demand the attention it deserves. 

The pieces from the collection that have been unveiled are now set at millions of pounds each and are separated into three volumes.

Volume 1, a darker shade of black, mixed-media abstract work that stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide, weighs approximately 129 pounds, and is priced at GBP 34,287,725 and ETH 26,792.

Volume 2, untitled “Mars,” features a beautiful combination of red, white, and black colors that stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide, weighs approximately 129 pounds, and is priced at GBP 33,561,632 and ETH 26,278.87.

Finally, Volume 3 is a red and black colored mixed-media abstract work, representing the Tesla Company with its logo and elegance. It is priced at GBP 39,208,050 and ETH 30,783.68.

You can visit the official website here. 

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