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Veek Aesthetics: New Zealand’s Rising Star Redefining Music Norms


Veek Aesthetics: New Zealand’s Rising Star Redefining Music Norms

Veek Aesthetics, a name that resonates with experimental beats and powerful storytelling. But behind this stage moniker lies Veekrant Raj, a passionate artist hailing from the lush terrains of New Zealand. On a mission to revitalize the music industry, he’s armed with an amalgamation of styles from electrifying hype tracks to sultry slow R&B vibes.

From the earliest memories of his childhood, the artist was enraptured by music’s ineffable pull. Picture a young boy, lost in the rhythm of hip-hop CDs, or engrossed in the complex melodies of video game soundtracks. By the age of 11, most children would be exploring playgrounds, but Veekrant? He was in his school’s library, meticulously creating beats on GarageBand. It wasn’t just a hobby; it was a calling.

His time in high school unveiled another dimension to his growing arsenal. As life’s trials and tribulations hit, he found solace in rapping. The words and beats became a therapeutic medium, echoing the sentiments of a young soul navigating life’s labyrinth. Choosing music over the traditional, he dived headlong into the industry, driven by passion and purpose.

So, how does Veek Aesthetics define his sound to a newbie? “Unique” is the first word that springs to his mind. Refusing to be pigeonholed into a specific genre, he takes a bold experimental approach. His tracks are a melodic tapestry, weaving genres and birthing unparalleled vibes that demand an open mind.

Inspiration is a curious entity. It can emerge from the greats and the unknowns. For Veek, artists like Atmosphere, MF Doom, and Eminem have been pivotal. From the underground realms of Cage and Aesop Rock to the more mainstream vibrations of Mac Miller and Slowthai, his musical palette is vast, driving him to push boundaries further.

Presently, the waves of anticipation are high. Fans are eagerly awaiting his alternate/indie EP. The recently released music video for “These Days” is just a glimpse of what’s in store. Yet, music isn’t his sole creative pursuit. Venturing into the world of film, Veek has teased an upcoming short film, ensuring his followers remain on their toes.

The journey to stardom is rarely easy, and Veek’s ascent is no different. It’s a tale of challenges, triumphs, and unwavering dedication. And as he stands on the brink of monumental success, he has a heartfelt message for those reading his tale: Chase your dreams relentlessly. “A 9-5 job will always be there but your dreams won’t wait forever,” he muses.

Staying connected to his growing fanbase is paramount. You can join the Veek City revolution by immersing yourself in his music on Spotify, or getting behind-the-scenes glimpses of his journey on Instagram. Moreover, for those who favor visuals, his YouTube and Facebook are platforms showcasing his myriad talents.

In the ever-evolving world of music, Veek Aesthetics is a beacon of originality. With unmatched passion and a sound that transcends genres, he’s not just making music; he’s crafting legacies.

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