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On His Own Beat: The Unapologetic Journey of Theolonius Kelly


On His Own Beat: The Unapologetic Journey of Theolonius Kelly

If music is a language, then New Zealand’s Theolonius Feargus Kelly is a polyglot, fluent in styles as diverse as the artists he’s collaborated with. Emerging from a chrysalis as ‘Feargus,’ Theo has grown wings of ambition and creativity, gifting the world an alternative blend of beats that promises to make one feel understood and happy.

Getting a taste of the music industry in his high school years, Theo’s maiden voyage into the scene was marked by the release of “Otikes” in 2015. Still finding his voice and honing his craft, this first foray served as the beginning of a musical journey that saw him balancing school and his nascent career. The radio-friendly “Flora and Fauna,” his 2016 EP, caught the attention of the airwaves and signposted Theo’s potential.

Choosing to leap into the unknown, Theo left his final year of high school to chase his dreams, his spirit reflected in his ardent CD sales and energetic live performances. This musical odyssey took a turn for the better when, in 2020, collaborations with Lil B and Lord Narf (on “Hope” and “Blood Donor” respectively) were warmly received, and The Pit London’s positive review of “Blood Donor” was a feather in Theo’s cap. His most celebrated album to date, “xo,” also saw light in 2020, his sounds resonating with the world.

With an insatiable hunger for artistic growth, Theo embraced the challenge of producing a beautiful electronic orchestral track in 2021. Titled “Ocean of Emptiness,” his then publisher, Jan Hellriegel, described it as such. “Hollywood (Deluxe)” was also released that year, demonstrating Theo’s versatility and expanding his creative portfolio.

Keeping up his pace, 2022 saw Theo collaborating with Layaboutguy on a remix, “Страшный Cон,” and producing Gyre’s single, “Fem Physique”. In the same year, the compilation album “The Rest” was released, testament to Theo’s prodigious output and talent.

As the years passed, his repertoire expanded with collaborations with international recording artists such as DUH IRONIK KLXVD, Shogun, Slug † Christ, Kane Grocerys, SKYXXX, Gawd Graza, Lil Scumbag, and F1LTHY. His most recent project in 2023, the lighthearted compilation album “Telstar,” and the single “Pray” with London Rapper Kxne, show a continued evolution of his craft.

In a refreshingly humble way, Theo attributes his eclectic musical style to the influence of his mother’s cassette tapes from The Cure, The Cranberries, and David Bowie, shaping his sound and leaving their indelible mark on his musical psyche. His track “STAR SHOPPING” Instrumental, with over 6 million Spotify plays, stands as a testament to this influence.

Reaching a pivotal moment in his career, Theo is now an independent artist. His latest single, “How Do You Do It Without Making It Nauseatingly Extravagant,” showcases his renewed focus on making music for himself and his long-time listeners.

Theolonius Feargus Kelly’s narrative is one of tenacity, resilience, and undying passion for music. His journey from ‘Feargus’ to ‘Theo,’ from high school dropout to global sensation, is an inspiring testament to the power of authentic creativity. It’s clear that Theo has found his own rhythm, moving to the beat of his own drum, and his unwavering commitment to his craft suggests that he will be shaping our musical landscape for years to come. Check out his Spotify and official website for more.

In the cacophony of the modern music scene, Theo’s voice rings out clear, bold, and beautifully distinct – just like the man himself.

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