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The Rise of lilac frog: A Splash in the Pond of Authenticity


The Rise of lilac frog: A Splash in the Pond of Authenticity

In an age saturated with repetitive beats and fleeting social media trends, a beacon of authenticity, quirkiness, and genuine talent emerges. Enter lilac frog, the artistic brainchild of Harri Hocking. Through this endearing alias, Harri crafts electronic pop ballads with raw and real storytelling, all stemming from the cozy confines of a bedroom studio.

Born in 2004, Harri’s musical journey began with fiddling loops on an iPad’s Garageband, evolving into the music production expertise that lilac frog is known for today. The journey wasn’t without its amusing pitstops – a brief obsession with non-copyrighted dubstep and EDM (something Harri now chuckles at) being one of them.

From these modest beginnings, Harri sought formal education in music production between 2020 and 2022. It was in this period that lilac frog was born, setting the stage for the melodic genius to unleash tracks resonating with thousands. “Reasons to Stay” and “Light Beams” are testament to this, garnering 22k and 6k streams on Spotify respectively.

The DIY production quality astounds listeners. With every beat, every note, and the newly-introduced vocals, one can’t help but admire the clarity, the heart, and the soul poured into every track. The recently dropped songs, ‘Blood In the Water’ and ‘Never Change’, further underscore the growth and evolution of lilac frog.

New to lilac frog? Imagine a perfect blend of authenticity interwoven with musical quirks, producing a sound that’s fresh yet reminiscent of some familiar emotions. Harri’s influences span from Halsey’s storytelling prowess, Billie Eilish’s authenticity with a twist, Gracie Abrams’ emotive simplicity, to the raw and unfiltered tones of Loving Caliber.

When asked about the message behind the tunes, Harri hopes listeners find a mirror reflecting their most intimate emotions. From the highs and lows of life to moments of solitude and celebration, lilac frog’s discography aims to be a comforting presence, a testament to the power of authenticity.

However, lilac frog isn’t just about music. It’s a brand, a persona, a story. Harri’s most ambitious project yet, an album titled ‘lilac pond’, is brewing and set for a release by year’s end. Describing it as a reservoir of emotions, Harri mentions, “Rather than just a single focused individual, the idea of a pond (fitting the frog theme) showcases a whole place full of all kinds of highs and lows.”

Eager fans can expect the album to be a medley of previous singles and new tunes, exemplifying Harri’s prowess in vocals, songwriting, and production. Furthermore, a visual component accompanying the album is also in the works, promising an immersive experience.

The tale of lilac frog is more than just that of a budding artist. It’s a testament to the raw passion and persistence, the value of staying genuine in a world often masked with pretense. Harri’s story and music inspire us all to embrace our quirks, our stories, our highs, and our lows.

In the end, behind every beat, every note, and every lyric, there’s a story waiting to be told. And as Harri poignantly puts it, it’s crucial to “honour and celebrate everybody’s voices.”

For those wishing to hop along with lilac frog’s journey, be sure to check out their Instagram or the one-stop hub for all things lilac frog at their Linktree. Dive deep, embrace the quirks, and let the lilac frog serenade you with tales of authenticity.

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