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The Mini Nation Revolution | A Dazzling Dive into the International Dream Team Behind the Camera


The Mini Nation Revolution | A Dazzling Dive into the International Dream Team Behind the Camera

In the cutthroat world of Hollywood, it’s often the A-listers who steal the spotlight. But when it comes to Mini Nation Pictures, the real stars are the dedicated, diverse crew behind the scenes. Led by the passionate and talented Michelle Ng, Mini Nation is a testament to the power of perseverance, collaboration, and an unyielding drive to create unforgettable films.

Michelle Ng’s journey began a couple of years ago when she decided to produce a film with a friend, funding their passion project themselves. They opened the door for volunteers to join the project, and it was then that Michelle met an extraordinary group of aspiring filmmakers. Coming from different corners of the globe, these international students quickly found a home with Mini Nation, becoming Michelle’s “mini film family.”

With a mission to create a diverse team that supports each other while growing as filmmakers, Mini Nation Pictures prides itself on its ability to produce any film, no matter how difficult. Michelle Ng hopes that her crew feels a sense of pride in their work, and that viewers get to know their story as they watch the team grow through their films.

Currently, Mini Nation Pictures is hard at work on a secretive TubiTV original thriller Shark Film set in Mexico. Their most recent project, “Attack of the Meth Gator,” wrapped up and is set to be released in the summer. The highly anticipated film follows the success of “Cocaine Bear” and was made possible by the support of the Groveland, Florida community.

In post-production is a TubiTV Original horror/thriller titled “Dante’s Hotel,” starring an impressive cast that includes Judd Nelson, AnnaLynne McCord, Emilio Rivera, Ted Raimi, and Moon Bloodgood. Additionally, Mini Nation boasts a long list of films already available on various streaming platforms, such as TubiTV, Hulu, Redbox, and Amazon Prime, among others.

While Mini Nation Pictures continues to make waves in the industry, Michelle Ng wants to ensure her crew members receive the recognition they deserve. After all, they are the lifeblood of the company.

So let’s dive into these industry rockstars on the rise:

Paula Iglesias – The Spanish Sensation: Hailing from Granada, Spain, Paula began her Mini Nation journey as a volunteer Production Assistant. With prior experience in costume design, she’s no stranger to the world of film, having worked on Netflix’s hit series “Cable Girls” and “High Seas.” Under Michelle Ng’s mentorship, Paula has risen through the ranks to become an indispensable Production Manager. With a keen eye for detail and a warm, nurturing leadership style, Paula is the backbone of every Mini Nation production.

Inés Kayali – The Madrid Marvel: Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Inés also started with Mini Nation as a Production Assistant, helping out with costumes alongside her best friend, Paula. With a background in documentary filmmaking, Inés brings a unique perspective and unshakable work ethic to every project. Like her bestie, Inés has climbed the ranks to become a Production Manager, winning over the hearts of everyone on set with her sharp planning skills and take-charge attitude.

Nicola Varoli – The Honduran Dynamo: Nicola, a proud Honduran, joined Mini Nation as a volunteer Production Assistant. His boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm quickly endeared him to the team. With a knack for juggling tasks across multiple departments, Nicola has proven himself to be a versatile and valuable member of the crew. Now an Assistant Camera and aspiring director, there’s no doubt that Nicola’s star will continue to rise.

Tatsuya Ueno – The Japanese Steadicam Samurai: Tatsuya, a native of Japan, volunteered as a 1st Assistant Camera on Mini Nation’s passion project. His dedication, talent, and humble demeanor have made him a favorite among his peers, and his steady hand behind the camera has become an invaluable asset to the team. With aspirations to direct a fantasy feature, Tatsuya is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In a world where success is often measured by the size of one’s paycheck or the number of followers on social media, it’s

These trailblazers, along with other outstanding members like Madina Ismailova, Irene Puente, Brandon Wilson, and Gareth Marsh, make Mini Nation Pictures the unstoppable force it is today. With a total of 20 hardworking, dedicated, and passionate crew members, Mini Nation is living proof that anything is possible with the right people, determination, and a little bit of movie magic.

As Mini Nation Pictures continues to make its mark in the world of film, one thing is certain: this is a company that will never shy away from the spotlight. And with Michelle Ng and her incredible team at the helm, it’s only a matter of time before Mini Nation becomes a household name in Hollywood. So, grab your popcorn and keep an eye out for their next blockbuster!

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