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Tarric’s ‘Lovesick’ – Weaving Past Influences with Modern Vibes


Tarric’s ‘Lovesick’ – Weaving Past Influences with Modern Vibes

Tarric, an indie rock musician whose sound is a nostalgic nod to the ’80s while resonating deeply with today’s audience, has journeyed from the quiet corridors of a traditional Indian household in the Midwest to the bustling streets of Los Angeles. In the dominant indie rock scene, his unique vibe and compelling life story are making waves.

With a distinctive sound reminiscent of legendary 80’s new wave bands like New Order and contemporary post-punk bands like The Killers, Tarric’s music promises to captivate listeners across generations. The young artist, who once walked the straight path to a medical career, left it all behind for a creative pursuit fueled by his enduring passion for music.

Tarric stormed into the City of Angels with barely anything to his name. He first carved his niche in the film industry, contributing to production, development, and consulting through his company, Intrigue. Throughout this voyage, his entrepreneurial spirit took him into the realm of real estate investment with the successful Cordoba group.

Yet, amid the glitz of the business world, Tarric remained true to his first love: music. As he climbed the ladder of success in the film and real estate industry, he simultaneously brewed a unique blend of classic rock hooks and narratives drawn from his rich life experiences.

And here we are… Tarric’s upcoming debut album, “Lovesick,” promises a harmonious concoction of stirring narratives and a journey through relationships – family, friendship, and romance. Every song is a timeline, a representation of a relationship from Tarric’s past. The exploration of themes like self-reflection, compassion, deception, and human intentions is transformed into a meditative lyric bathed in melodies.

This unique exploration of life and relationships in music stems from Tarric’s own experience. As a clear “old soul with a young heart,” he hopes the cathartic release and relatable expressions in his music will resonate with his audience.

One of Tarric’s aspirational collaborations is with Robert Smith of The Cure, an artist renowned for crafting music that defies time and genre boundaries. This admiration for timeless artistry echoes in Tarric’s own work, as showcased in his debut album, “Lovesick”. The album, featuring singles “I Had it Wrong” and “Leave it Alone,” narrates a tapestry of relationships, drawing upon Tarric’s rich experience in songwriting and instrumentation. Each track in “Lovesick” is a testament to his ability to blend inspiration with his unique contemporary style.

Tarric, with his unique blend of modern and nostalgic sounds, is creating music that speaks to the hearts of many. With each song, he shares wisdom gleaned from distinct experiences, producing music that is simultaneously old-school Alt Rock and fitting for today’s listeners. The young hearted old soul is set to continue his enticing music venture with the release of a New Order cover, “Temptation,” on January 12th.

Understanding Tarric is an experience in exploring the depths of human emotion and experience, captured within the universal language of music. His story is not just about an ambitious dreamer turned successful businessman turned indie rock musician, but the meaningful medleys of life experienced by an old soul with a young heart. You can follow Tarric’s incredible journey on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Resonating with a breadth of emotions, Tarric’s music triggers nostalgia while fitting into today’s music scene due to its current instrumentation and sound. This exploration of genre and emotion, success and struggle, nostalgia, and modernity is set to take center stage as listeners eagerly await his evolving repertoire.

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