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Steven Jarvis & Cancer Records – Turning the Tables of Indie Rock Production in Georgia


Steven Jarvis & Cancer Records – Turning the Tables of Indie Rock Production in Georgia

Georgia – a hub of artistry intimately intertwined with the throb of alternative rock and punk rhythms. Not the bustling city of Atlanta, but in the modest town of West Point, a music revolution is underway – and Steven Jarvis is at the helm. A dynamic, devil-may-care sound engineer showering local bands with spellbinding sonic splendor, Jarvis boasts a rich catalogue of genres in his repertoire, spanning indie, alternative rock, punk, reggae, and metal.

What once began as an extracurricular fascination during his high school days slowly simmered into a full-blown career sometime around 2016 when Jarvis moved to Macon, Georgia. Housed within the rugged allure of an old museum, he co-created a music studio from scratch, not just recording music but crafting narratives, assembling anthems, and drawing out the genius of his clients.

Two years later, Jarvis took a leap, severing ties with his co-owner to establish his brainchild – a recording label daringly named Cancer Records. Specializing in boutique vinyl releases, Cancer Records encompasses the heart and soul of indie bands, offering a sunbeam of hope in an often-clouded industry.

Currently operating from West Point, Jarvis’ vision isn’t confined to the quaintness of his humble home studio. His aim extends beyond the city borders, with ambitions to reinvent the indie rock scene amidst unassuming small-town flares.

With the offer that he wants to record your band (Cancer Records contact info here), Jarvis pitches a beckoning lure to aspiring artists, promising a shot at realizing their sonic dreams and expanding their footprint in the rocky music terrain. His portfolio boasts collaborations with bands that align with his personal musical taste, as reflected by the recent projects – a ska record in collaboration with ‘Left Hand Hot Dog’ and an emo/indie project with ‘Tommy Pastrami and the Traveling Circus Quartet’. Additionally, he is also adjusting the knobs and sliders on the next Badabings album, his own reggae punk band.

And if the prospect of hearing yourself on a finished record doesn’t elicit goosebumps, imagine listening to your art on vinyl. This is where the charm of Cancer Records truly shines. Through choice and a touch of nostalgia, Jarvis releases his productions on vinyl – a nod back to the stability and aesthetics of a bygone era that still resonates with music purists. This format compels artists to focus on thematic elements and coherence while necessitating captivating cover art, fostering a holistic experience that harmoniously blends music with striking visuals.

If there were one artist that Jarvis longs to create this experience with, it would be G Love and Special Sauce. It appears Jarvis knows a thing or two about the intoxicating allure of a thriving jam session, so how’s about that, G?

Steven Jarvis and Cancer Records represent an emerging force in the indie rock world, rooted in the intimacy of a small Georgia town yet audacious in their ambitions. The label prides itself on its uncompromising commitment, weaving magical audio narratives for bands hailing from diverse backgrounds and genres.

A home for the hidden, the unrecognized, and potentially the next music sensation – that’s what Jarvis and Cancer Records envision to be, revitalizing and revolutionizing the music scene, one vinyl record at a time. Given this crescendo of momentum, bigger things lie ahead in these melodious backwaters of Georgia.

To learn more about Jarvis and Cancer Records, visit their website. Keep up with Jarvis on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned to Cancer Records’ vibrant journey on Facebook and Instagram. Also, don’t miss out on the latest from BadaBings on Facebook and Instagram.

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