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Be Bold, Be Real, Be You – The Authentic Artistry of Change1Only RBA


Be Bold, Be Real, Be You – The Authentic Artistry of Change1Only RBA

Rising atop the eclectic backdrop of Birmingham’s vibrant music scene and raised amidst the pulsating rhythm of Leeds, Change1Only RBA, also known as Uriah Glasford Smith, is an artist set to impress. He represents a sound wave of authenticity—creating music that resonates with the unvarnished rhythm of real life. And without a single shred of doubt, this phoenix in a digital world where change is the only constant, irrefutably understands the practicality of his namesake.

Making his debut at the age of 15 with a heartfelt single titled ‘My Story,’ Smith has defied convention and created a niche for himself – his chords resonated deep and connected undisputedly well with an audience eagerly awaiting sincere artistry. There’s an undisguised bracing frankness cloaked in a soulful cadence in his music, with pain sewing together each lyric like invisible threads locking beads in place.

Smith’s music is a raw, riveting narrative that lays bare the everyday challenges we often prefer to bury beneath the veneer of stoicism. It purveys a powerful message—no one is ever truly alone and that it’s okay not only to share your struggles but also to use them as stepping stones to surmount any obstacles in your way.

Now a 20-year-old artist with a perspective akin to an old soul, Smith continues to inspire via his music—a refreshing departure from the fact-filtered narratives that pervade the industry today. His journey has seen him rise above the loss of loved ones and traverse the turbulent road to success. His music has become his escape, a channel through which he hopes to kindle sparks of relatability in the hearts of those who need it the most.

Currently making waves with his latest single ‘Purpose,’ Smith’s artistry is on the cusp of transcending territorial boundaries, stretching into a global stage. The single has stirred up a storm and garnered over 17 million views, foreshadowing the promising times ahead for this dynamic artist.

This surge of distantly resonant melodies is an intricately woven tale of a young man who discovered his passion for music at just 15 and powered ahead to become one of its most successful names in the UK’s city of Leeds. ‘Purpose,’ in essence, mirrors his journey—touched by trial and triumph, and a testament to the resonating power of authentic storytelling in music.

Change1Only RBA’s mission is undeniably direct and utterly profound—to make the world lend an ear to his music, to create a legacy built on authenticity. His motivation also extends offstage, with his candid dialogues on social channels that aspire to inspire change—reflected in Instagram posts filled with powerful, uplifting messages.

He’s rightfully proud of his music, wearing his victories lightly yet brightly. His Instagram and YouTube chronicle his journey like an open journal—a series of linked stories exemplifying the transformative power of music, which his die-hard fans and budding listeners alike continue to relish and look forward to.

In a world that often demands conformity, Smith, the bona fide musician from Birmingham and Leeds, echoes loud and clear: “It’s okay to be authentic. The world needs change; the world needs something different; the world needs me”.

Striking a chord with millions through tangible storytelling and a palpable presence both online and on stage, Change1Only RBA leads the charge as a beacon of bravery and bedrock of originality in a world ripe for change—from the bars he spits on his tracks down to his unapologetic surname. There’s something appealingly revolutionary about this 20-year-old dynamo’s modus operandi. His journey so far reverberates with a single powerful message: Your passion can take you everywhere, and while you’re at it, don’t hesitate—be you. Because the world very much needs the unabashed, authentic, ‘new’ you.

Follow Change1Only RBA’s journey on Instagram and YouTube – join the storyboard that links life’s raw essence with stirring perspicacity, all dressed in the form of compelling music. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a beat.

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