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Spinning Tracks and Turning Lives – The Journey of DJ SoulChild AC


Spinning Tracks and Turning Lives – The Journey of DJ SoulChild AC

Meet Patrick Jeanty Jr., better known by his stage name DJ SoulChild AC, a beacon of resilience and determination, illuminating the musical landscape with his irrefutable passion for rhythm and beats. Rising from the ashes of adversity, he’s transformed his once bleak existence into a whirlwind of opportunity, influencing over 1.1 million fans across his social media platforms.

Artistically inclined with an affinity for vibrant club, house, and hip-hop music, DJ SoulChild AC is a master of the turntables and producer of pulsating club tracks that rouse audiences into a dancing frenzy. His carefully curated sonic experiences also touch upon other genres such as Afrobeat Brazilian, Funk, and Tribal House. Simply put, if you haven’t yet danced the night away to a DJ SoulChild AC set, then you’re missing a lavish party for your senses.

This pinnacle of musical accomplishment, however, is a far cry from DJ SoulChild AC’s humble beginnings. Back in 2015, he was a denizen of the Mission homeless shelter in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Though stricken by harsh circumstances, he held onto a job at Target, cleverly utilizing his leisure time to pursue his passion for music. During lunch breaks, Jeanty stole away to the local Guitar Center in Mays Landing, NJ. Fascinated by the DJ equipment, he was tutored in the art of DJing by an old high school friend. This seemingly minor interjection birthed a creative powerhouse, setting the foundation for his current reputation as a prodigious DJ.

A tenacious artist to his core, Jeanty quickly ascended the ladder of the nightlife industry, leveraging jobs as a club promoter to further immerse himself in the world he coveted. His journey eventually led him to triumph in a DJ competition, further solidifying his place in the music industry. This success gave him the platform to transition into music production, where he chose to specialize in the Jersey Club and House music scene.

DJ SoulChild AC’s ascension doesn’t stop here, though. He frequently books the DJ booth in Atlantic City’s renowned Anthem Lounge, nestled in the glitzy Tropicana Casino. Every weekend, he whips up electrifying sets, delighting patrons with his exhilarating music.

Currently, Jeanty is focused on the production of his anticipated “Ocean One Vol 3” mixtape, due for release by Christmas. This follows his recently released “Ocean One Vol 2,” testifying to his relentless pursuit of musical innovation. If his previous work induces any prediction, it’s that we can brace ourselves for another thrilling auditory experience.

Beyond his personal love for the music he creates, Jeanty aspires for his tunes to serve as a respite from the everyday struggles that listeners endure. He seeks to produce good times and good vibes, encouraging his audience to be present in the moment and relish the ‘feel-good’ nature his music evokes.

Collaboration, an essential aspect of the music industry, isn’t lost on Jeanty either. He has a solid wish list of artists he hopes to work with in the future, headed by names such as Cookie Kawaii, DJ Smallz 732, and Azealia Banks.

To dive headfirst into DJ SoulChild AC’s exuberant world, visit his TikTok or Instagram. His energetic and uplifting posts will undoubtedly mirror his spirit of resiliency and passion. For news on upcoming shows and releases, his social media handle @djsoulchildac on Twitter and Facebook offers all the necessary updates.

Deeply woven into DJ SoulChild AC’s artistry is a story of inspiration that resonates powerfully with his mantra: Follow your dreams, ban the haters, and focus on the people who matter. This narrative of obstacles surmounted, dreams realized, and a positive, contagious spirit is an anthem to everyone following a passion, crafting a masterpiece from their adversities. Music isn’t just a creative outlet for Jeanty but a testament to his enduring spirit and irresistible charisma.

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