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Slelybeatz – from Haiti to the Global Electronic Scene


Slelybeatz – from Haiti to the Global Electronic Scene

A son of Haiti and a child of resilience, Slelybeatz has been enchanting the global electronic music scene with his eclectic sounds and multifarious talents. With humble beginnings in 2013, his musical journey soon crescendoed into a significant exploration. Ten fruitful years spent collaborating, experimenting and honing his craft shaped his unique signature that resonates in every production.

Slelybeatz’s mentorship began not with a teacher but with an inspiration, Diddy, whose popular song, “I’ll Be Missing You,” deeply influenced the producer’s creative ear. Blending heartfelt lyricism with memorable beats, he has echoed a similar ethos in his work, aiming to deliver the same emotional impact.

Music, for Slelybeatz, is more than sound—it’s an experience and a language, facilitating cultural exchange and fostering mutual understanding. He aims for his creations to surpass being mere ear candy. Instead, aspiring to become an inexhaustible source of sounds and sentiments, unraveling the tapestry of what music, in essence, can express.

Offstage, Slelybeatz’s multiple talents create a spectrum of identities. He’s a voice-over artist, a journalist, a devoted father, and a personal fitness enthusiast. Each role is an echo of his strengths: a narrative of passion with a flair for engaging audiences, and a guiding force for personal challenges and growth.

Harnessing the rhythms of his ancestors, Slelybeatz infuses his traditional heritage with contemporary hip-hop, dancehall, and Afrobeat genres. His fresh and innovative sound embodies the essence of Haiti melded with global influences, producing captivating beats that aren’t just heard, but deeply felt by the listeners.

Slelybeatz is currently revitalizing “Linyon,” a song that holds personal significance from the ’90s, by transforming it into a vibrant house remix. His unique electronic style showcases his talent for reinvention, skillfully updating and refreshing well-loved tunes with a modern twist.

Beyond music, he hosts ‘100Questions Tvshow’ on YouTube, a testament to his diverse media and content creation talents. It’s an ideal platform for fans to engage more intimately with the artist, staying updated on news, reviews, releases, shows, and future projects.

Slelybeatz dreams of collaborating with artists like SIA, Rutshell Guillaume, and Wendyyy to broaden his musical horizons. Their unique styles and sounds offer exciting new possibilities, opening doors to fresh, diverse influences in his work.

The journey of Slelybeatz is not just about growing from a Haitian artist to a globally influential electronic music producer, or simply his ascent from Haiti to the United States. It’s a story of resilience, exploration, creativity, and the powerful impact of a unique cultural perspective within a global framework. These layers of his journey beautifully harmonize, echoing a key message of his life and work: music, in its purest form, can serve as a bridge, connecting diverse cultures and experiences.

Explore or follow Slelybeatz’s journey via YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or X, each reflecting his multifaceted persona.

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