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Silicon Soundtrack is Like Sneaking into a Tech Lab and Choosing the Red Pill— It’ll Live Forever.


Silicon Soundtrack is Like Sneaking into a Tech Lab and Choosing the Red Pill— It’ll Live Forever.

The motion picture soundtrack by Altered State Productions is like a collection of doorways into moments both haunting and beautiful, alluding to themes of identity, memory, and destiny.

Altered State Productions, a name synonymous with breathtaking cinematic commercials and bold video editing, has ventured into the soundtrack space with their latest project, “Silicon.” This soundtrack, a prelude to the much-anticipated seventy-millimeter 2025 motion picture, is a somber, melodramatic, and hypnotic exploration of Silicon Valley’s sacred grounds and what lies behind closed doors.

Created by Juno Complex, Matthew Rickleffs, and producer Eddie Castillo, the soundtrack creates a place where time loops in gentle circles and life flows without end, offering listeners a gentle escape into wonder.

Silicon” unravels like a cinematic epic, its tracks laden with the weight of a narrative that is as compelling as the tech world it seeks to encapsulate. From the outset, with “Ambient Enterprise,” listeners are greeted with a somber mood set by the haunting tones of a Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer, reminiscent of Vangelis’ pioneering work but with a distinctly 21st-century twist. The album then navigates through a series of emotive highs and lows, mirroring the tumultuous journey of innovation and disruption, a juxtaposition of Noir and the future.

The opening track immediately sets the stage with a somber mood, laying the groundwork for a narrative that is as compelling as the moral of the soundtrack; the more advanced technology becomes, the harder it gets to define clear moral rules. The seamless integration of hardware sounds—are more symbolic than just themes fusing with us, but foreshadows that it will be apart of us. Textures like keyboard clicks, garage doors, and the hum of cooling fans are all apart of its build, creating a relaxing yet tense soundscape.

Following the soundtrack, “Lost at Money Mirage” creeps in with eerie synth dreamscape alongside melodic keyboard sequences, moving at a hypnotic pace that captures the duality of the tech world’s promise and its hidden perils. The track stands out for its ability to blend beauty with a sense of unease.

The narrative has a moment with “Silent Entry,” which slows the pace. The seamless flow from track to track, the strategic use of silence and sound, offers a moment of reflection amidst the relentless forward momentum, a testament to the album’s thoughtful composition and sequencing.

As the album progresses, tracks such as “A.M.” stand out for its espionage theme lingering keys, digital wind chimes, heavy rain, and the faint hint of human dialogue in “Lost File 34”. With added layers of depth combined with traditional orchestral elements, it creates a timeless score that bridges the gap between organic and the synthetic, mirroring the film’s exploration of what it means to be human.

Concluding the album, “Silicon” navigates through themes of desolation and the remnants of a once bustling tech hub, employing memorable motifs to evoke the setting of a once fully funded project gone wrong and deserted. This careful arrangement of tracks and synthesis of electronic textures with haunting melodies does just that.

The release of ‘Silicon’ has been released across over 50 digital platforms including Spotify  and leverages UPC and ISRC codes for broad distribution and efficient royalty management.

Overall, the album is a collection of doorways into moments both introspective and induced, alluding to themes of identity, memory, and destiny. The soundtrack’s ability to evoke a sense of longing and existential melancholy resonates with listeners long after the film ends, marking it as a masterpiece of cinematic composition.


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