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Redefining RnB – Unveiling the Musical Artistry of WRY


Redefining RnB – Unveiling the Musical Artistry of WRY

Sultry, unapologetic, and soulful—these are only the preliminary descriptors as we attempt to sum up the musical prowess of the Berlin-based artist, Weronika Stasiak, known in the music arena as WRY.

Nestled seamlessly within the RnB genre, WRY channels an influential mix of soul and dark pop to create a sound that packs a punch. Enchanting sounds and well-curated beats blend with her flair for passionate storytelling to create a unique brand of RnB standing tall in its own right.

Starting her musical journey at the tender age of nine, WRY found herself immersed in music under the tutelage of her musician aunt and grandfather. Her musical upbringing involved not only vocal and stage performances but guitar lessons and choir practice. It’s a testament to the power of her familial influence that WRY remains deeply grounded in her roots. Even as her star ascends, she continues to perform for her mentors before presenting her talent to a broader audience.

WRY, today, stands on the precipice of setting the international music stage ablaze. With Chris Brown, Doja Cat, Banks, and her secret crush, Stanaj as her preferred collaborators, this young artist daringly gazes into a future where her name is synonymous with soulful hooks and unforgettable rhythms.

Yet, the heart of WRY’s narrative lies in the songs she passionately writes. For her, music is an exploration of life’s broad spectrum of experiences. Her lyrics manifest a no-filter approach to expressing such experiences— weaving stories of love and life that are bold, personal, and ultimately relatable.

WRY’s evocative vocal style channels inspirations from the legendary Amy Winehouse. Coupled with her producer, Adam Le Hamel’s, masterful production skills, each song is meticulously crafted. Their creative harmony uncovers a distinct layer of dark spice elegantly overlaying rhythmically moving percussion.

Currently, WRY is working tirelessly on her forthcoming EP set to debut within the year. Alongside this significant project, listeners can anticipate the advent of some gripping singles that echo her ongoing life chapters.

Her latest single, “Drop It,” provides a foretaste of her artistic direction. This track alludes to her future releases while maintaining the sincerity that characterizes her music. Fans can look forward to her next release scheduled for late September.

Unfurling the depth and power of her music, WRY aspires to motivate her listeners. Her message emphasizes the importance of individuality and emotional authenticity. She encourages her audience to unabashedly embrace their emotions and remain unrepentant for being different.

WRY is not just another artist entering the music industry. Instead, she is a heartfelt storyteller, a conduit of emotions, and an ambassador of unique musical flavour. To a first-time listener, her music will undoubtedly be seen as a sexy, fierce, and passionate fusion of emotions against a backdrop of exquisite sounds and well-curated beats – an experience surely not to miss.

Stay updated with WRY’s musical journey via her social accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Spotify, and of course, don’t forget to check her striking music videos on Youtube.






Hold on to your earbuds, folks. WRY’s ride to musical renown promises to be an exhilarating one.

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