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ONG Collective Discusses New Projects with Hot 97’s DJ Drewski


ONG Collective Discusses New Projects with Hot 97’s DJ Drewski

The music landscape is ever-evolving, and the Onto New Growth (ONG) collective is certainly part of that transformation. Recently, a significant dialogue took place between members ABDI X, LUI!, and FEDI of the ONG Collective and Hot 97’s DJ Drewski. The focus of their discussion was the group’s recent endeavors and what fans can anticipate in the near future.

Firstly, “TOOL (Interlude)”, a track by LUI! and ABDI X, was released just two months ago and has since gained considerable attention. Instead of resting on this achievement, the artists are already progressing towards their next collaborative project. As they engaged in recording sessions for an upcoming EP in New York, FEDI joined the duo to shed light on the meaning and inspiration behind “ONG”. Additionally, the trio opened up about some of the invaluable lessons they’ve gathered from their time in the music industry.

During the discussion, LUI! was somewhat reserved about the details of his individual projects. However, he conveyed genuine excitement regarding his forthcoming solo EP, especially following the positive reception of his “Open Heart Freestyle”. “This will be a new direction for me. While I’ve concentrated predominantly on drill, I’m eager to explore new territories and present a different facet of my artistry to my listeners,” he remarked.

Beyond music, the ONG collective seems to be branching out into other forms of entertainment. They shared plans about a prospective comedy day-in-the-life-of TV series. This endeavor aims to offer viewers an inside look at some of their most personal and creative moments, further cementing the narrative of their dedication and passion for their craft.

For individuals interested in the finer nuances of the conversation, the full Hot 97 interview can be accessed here.

In terms of upcoming releases that fans should be on the lookout for, LUI!’s solo EP is slated for a November 11th release, while ABDI is prepping for the launch of “STATIC” on November 12th.

For a more in-depth exploration of their music, the artists have their individual Spotify profiles which offer a comprehensive look at their work. ABDI X’s Spotify and LUI!’s Spotify are both accessible for those keen to dive into their discography.

In conclusion, the ONG Collective is steadily making its mark within the industry, bringing a fresh perspective and sound to the table. As they continue on their journey, the music community awaits with interest to see what they will bring next.

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