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Omer B – The Rising Guitarist Transforming Modern Music with Funk-Rock-Jazz Fusion


Omer B – The Rising Guitarist Transforming Modern Music with Funk-Rock-Jazz Fusion

Omer B, a seasoned innovator of guitar, has firmly established himself in the growing realm of modern music. His unique blend of fun funk-rock-jazz instrumental music has carved a distinct niche and we’re truly excited to hear what’s next. More than just a musician; he’s a storyteller who weaves tales through strings. His transition from a behind-the-scenes recording engineer to a rising artist, infusing guitars with vibrant life, is a narrative where passion and purpose blend in perfect harmony.

Years ago, Omer B stepped into the world of music, not as a frontman but as a recording engineer. But, as fate would have it, a suggestion from Cory Wong, to take things a bit more seriously, turned his guitar hobby into a shining pursuit. Fast forward to today, and Omer B is crafting instrumental pieces that are not just music to the ears but energy to the soul.

His music, a seamless blend of funk, rock, and jazz, is like a spontaneous conversation between chords and melodies. It’s a sound that captivates first-time listeners with its playful yet profound character. His popular songs such as “After All,” “Stick Shift Riff,” and “Silent Thunder” are more than just tracks; they’re musical carriages that transport listeners to a world where every note resonates with joy and every rhythm pulses with life.

The latest gem in his discography is “Orange Jam,” a masterclass showcasing Omer B’s mesmerizing guitar skills complemented by groovy bass and impactful drums. Released on January 7th, this single is a testament to his evolving artistry and a hint at the exciting future of his musical journey.

Omer B’s music is an invitation to get into a good mood, to let go of the mundane, and embrace the rhythm of joy. Influenced by the likes of Cory Wong, Mark Knopfler, and David Gilmour, Omer B’s style is a unique blend of their inspirations, filtered through his own creative lens.

Currently, Omer B is busy weaving more instrumental magic and collaborating on some Nashville songs. His upcoming release, “Wake Up Tunes,” a collection of 13 instrumentals, is set to go live on February 7th, promising to be a morning alarm for the soul.

For fans eager to dive into everything Omer B, “Orange Jam” is now live, available on Distrokid, Spotify, and Youtube. And for those who wish to stay updated with his further releases, Omer B’s presence spans across digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Omer B’s message is clear – his music is not just a collection of tunes but a gateway to a world where instrumental guitar music reigns supreme — and we’re here for it.

In a world often dominated by vocals, Omer B’s instrumental narratives stand out, offering a refreshing perspective on storytelling through music. His journey, from a recording engineer to an artist encouraged by Cory Wong, is a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a nudge to transform a hobby into a heartbeat.

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