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Innovation and Persistence – The Musical Journey of Xylon Genesis


Innovation and Persistence – The Musical Journey of Xylon Genesis

From the age of twelve, Leytonstone-born musician Xylon Genesis began his foray into the eclectic world of music. Now, twenty years later, he continues to leave his mark on the industry, evolving and experimenting with his craft, underlining the importance of perseverance and creativity.

Growing up in a family of musicians, the path to music was a natural choice for Xylon. His initial explorations began with music production in 2004. He would craft beats and melodies on a Sony Playstation 1 video game, ‘Music 2000’, a seemingly random starting point that set the wheels in motion for a forward-thinking artist willing to create music in unconventional ways.

By 2010, Xylon had taken his craft to another level. With his brother’s acquisition of a Digital Audio Workstation, Cubase 5, he began to record music “properly”, sharing his creations for the world to hear on MySpace. This exposure marked a shift in Xylon’s musical journey, enriching it as he connected with broader audiences. The final step in his digital audio evolution was the transition from Cubase to Logic Pro 8. This shift that proved pivotal, leading to the successful release of five tracks on various streaming platforms.

Xylon’s passion and ambition transcended beyond music production to encompass rapping. His bold lyrics, deep bass-heavy voice, and highly articulated technique have drawn comparisons to prominent UK rapper, Giggs. With his songs like “Puff Puff Pass” and “Strategist”, Xylon Genesis has forged an engaging, high-energy presence in the UK rap scene.

Yet, the world of music extends beyond the studio for Xylon. From the diverse stages of his native London to the sprawling concert halls of New York and Boston, Xylon Genesis’s performances convey the richness and diverseness of his sound. His distinct flavor of rap is resonating with fans on a global scale, marking his position not only as a compelling artist but also as an impressive live performer.

However, Xylon Genesis’s impact on the music scene is not restrained only to personal music production and live performances. Known also as ‘Professor X’, he is the CEO of an events company and a skilled DJ, thus inspiring myriad modes of music expression. On 15th February 2024, he will host ‘Darius’ House presents: Darius’ Love Shack‘ in East London—an event expected to feature spirited games and potentially an electrifying performance from the multifaceted artist himself.

In the world of music that’s often interwoven with the allure of fame and fortune, Xylon Genesis prefers to focus on the creative and expressive qualities of the art form. His most recent project, a romantic R&B single titled ‘Memories’, debuts on Valentine’s Day, capturing intense emotions and relationships. Keeping his fans engaged with a mix of intensity and relaxation, his music holds a mirror to human experiences.

To follow Xylon Genesis on his exciting journey, one can reach him on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok as well as major music platforms like Spotify and Youtube.

Xylon Genesis’s musical journey is a narrative of innovation, optimism, resilience, and sheer love for the medium. Despite having spent over two decades immersed in it, he remains as enthused about the power of music as that young boy experimenting with sounds on a Playstation. He hopes to continue using music as an instrument of positive change, influencing and inspiring his listeners while striving to imbue his work with authenticity and originality at every step.

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