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A Symphony of Resilience – Natalie Duque’s Voyage to Self-Love Through Music


A Symphony of Resilience – Natalie Duque’s Voyage to Self-Love Through Music

From the back seat of her mother’s minivan, singing Wilson Phillips’ album from memory, Natalie Duque began a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and healing that defines her as an artist today. The classically trained musician, with roots firmly planted in 90s singer-songwriters, has forged a path as much about personal growth as it is about creating music.

Duque’s upcoming album, “Lullabies and Angry Cries”, is a testament to her journey. Embracing the same spirit of introspection and vulnerability that defined the era of Jewel and Alanis Morissette, this album is a heartfelt ode to her inner child, encapsulating the journey towards self-love and healing from childhood trauma.

The ability to tell stories has always been a cornerstone of Duque’s music. She brings love stories to life with her custom songs, weaving the threads of emotions into personalized anthems that capture the unique essence of people’s most cherished moments. But the act of storytelling is not confined to these bespoke melodies; her own narrative serves as the raw material for her work.

Duque, a native New Yorker, recalls the inception of her songwriting passion during a summer visit to her father in Colombia. Feeling homesick and isolated, she channeled her emotions into an impromptu song, the beauty and sadness of the moment becoming an unexpected catalyst for her creativity. This pivotal moment was the beginning of a lifelong relationship with music, using it as a voice and a vehicle to express her feelings.

Yet, her path towards music wasn’t straightforward. For years, Duque sought stability in “normal” jobs, only to find them taxing her mental and physical health. Recognizing this, she chose to listen to the persistent internal pull towards a creative career. It’s this very story of resilience and embracing uncertainty that she shares as a public speaker, inspiring others to follow their true calling. Her keynote talk, “The Purpose of Paradox: How Embracing Uncertainty Can Help You Find Your True Calling,” seeks to motivate people to pursue their own paths to fulfillment.

One of the milestones of Duque’s career was the decision to crowdfund her first EP, a crucial step towards becoming an autonomous artist. Now, she manages her professional home studio, diving deep into the world of music production. This newfound autonomy allowed her to accelerate her creative output and take full control over her music.

Her sound – a blend of pop sensibility and storytelling lyrics – resonates with a painful yet hopeful honesty, reminiscent of Miranda Lambert and Adele. Duque’s music gives voice to life’s complexities and contradictions, making the personal universal and the universal personal. Her melodies offer an intimate reflection of life’s highs and lows, invoking a sense of connection and solace for her listeners.

As for her dream collaboration, Duque holds Julia Michaels in high regard for her storytelling prowess and catchy melodies. There’s an earnest hope that the future holds a harmonious fusion of their creative energies.

Today, Duque stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and the power of music. As she continues to compose, produce, and inspire, she shapes the world with the rhythm of her experiences, healing old wounds, celebrating love, and echoing the symphony of life in her melodies.

For more on Natalie Duque’s music, connect with her on Instagram, or explore her work on Love & Melody, SoundBetter, her official website, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.

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