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Munich’s Rising Stars – A Peek into Trance Music’s Enigmatic Duo, RN7 & NAGINI


Munich’s Rising Stars – A Peek into Trance Music’s Enigmatic Duo, RN7 & NAGINI

In the pulsating realm of techno and trance music, Munich brings forth its latest prodigies – the admirable power-duo, RN7 and NAGINI. Known for their spellbinding performances, RN7 and NAGINI have dexterously intertwined their unique journeys, crafting a fresh narrative in the world of electronic music. The two trailblazers recently made their mark with a sensational debut track “Collide,” released via their label, SYNTHX RECORDS, taking global listeners on an audacious journey of resonant sonics.

Collide,” much like its makers, stands not only as an emblem of sublime techno, generously laced with trance, but also as a stirring testament to profound emotions. The refrain “Emotions collide – as we fall in love tonight,” subtly weaves the essence of their collective artistic experience, lighting up the path ahead with colossal promise. Embedded with personal significance for the duo, “Collide” serves as a compelling prologue to their unfolding musical tale.

The genesis of RN7 traces back to the thriving underground scene of Munich, from private organised raves tucked beneath the city to revered clubs like Harry Klein, Bahnwärter Thiel, and Palais. The magnetic pull of raw energy and sonic artistry led RN7 to the exhilarating world of DJing and music production. NAGINI’s upliftment from crowd to console came from her deep-rooted ardor for music and the breathtaking prowess of DJs to navigate the ocean of emotions that reside within their audience. A meeting with RN7 proved to be the catalyst in making her switch from being a passionate listener to an emergent rhythmic catalyst.

The duo stands and performs under a shared mantle, the SYNTHX RECORDS, which plays host to their thriving aspirations and unrivalled fervour for trance music. Together, the two artists push their creative boundaries much further, shredding the barricades of genres and inviting listeners to embark upon an unforgettable musical voyage.

Their upcoming projects include creating more electrifying tracks and planning releases for the next year. RN7 and NAGINI are all set to curate their inaugural SYNTHX RECORDS label night on the 6th of October 2023, wholly dedicated to “Trance all Night.” The duo’s excitement is palpable as they prepare themselves to watch the dazzling roster of artists set the stage on fire.

To get a taste of their captivating melodies, their debut track “Collide” can be accessed on Spotify (link). The duo has also teased the eager fans about their plans to unfurl more tracks; though the release dates remain under wraps, anticipation continues to build.

If their personal stories speak volumes about their character, RN7 and NAGINI’s musical narrative is a testament to their insurmountable talent. RN7’s DJing skills, infused with the raw energy of techno beats and emotional melodies, intertwine seamlessly with NAGINI’s love for trance and her mission to make crowds dance with abandon.

RN7 and NAGINI’s journey is a reflection of their unyielding passion for music, ambitions, and hopes. Their personal and professional life experiences have set the stage for their forward march in the music industry. As they continue their journey, one can only expect phenomenal accomplishments from this power duo, beautifully intertwined within Munich’s vibrant electronic music scene and beyond. Their debut, “Collide”, frames their musical magnificence, heralding the arrival of a new force in the trance music arena. This calls for keeping an eager eye on their future projects. After all, what can be more fascinating than being a part of an enthralling musical era?

With an endearing journey that began as a quest for musical satisfaction, RN7 and NAGINI are leading the charge in the techno-trance world. Inspired by countless other artists, they now seek to inspire others, bringing fresh waves of innovation in a genre known for its perennial energy and emotional intensity. As for hopes and expectations, the duo deeply wishes that their fans find resonance in their music, creating memories and stories that would be etched forever in the annals of the music world.

Find them on Instagram @rn7_dj and, SoundCloud RN7 and NAGINI, and stay tuned to SYNTHX RECORDS on Instagram and SoundCloud as well.

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