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Ludlow Creek Strikes Chords and Chills with ‘The Catacombs’


Ludlow Creek Strikes Chords and Chills with ‘The Catacombs’

On a spine-chilling Friday the 13th, the much-admired Dayton-based roots rock ensemble, Ludlow Creek, unveiled their latest hit, “The Catacombs.” This single, dripping with eerie allure and rich storytelling, marks the band’s triumphant return to the musical limelight, solidifying their reputation as clear masters of their craft.

The brainchild of a collaboration with the prolific award-winning lyricist Ray Monell, “The Catacombs” is a haunting journey through melody and verse. Monell, a veteran in weaving lyrical tapestries, has once again joined forces with Ludlow Creek, having previously lent his talents to the band’s notable hits “Stoney Lonesome Road” and “Last Call.”

Inspiration struck the team following a visit to the macabre yet fascinating Catacombs of Paris, a subterranean ossuary home to the remains of over six million souls. It is this very place, shrouded in mystery and laden with history, that served as the backdrop for the creation of “The Catacombs.” The single encapsulates the ironic tranquility and egalitarianism found in this eternal resting place, a locale where the divides of wealth and status dissolve into oblivion.

Ludlow Creek has etched their name in the annals of music history with a series of successful releases. Their prior single, “Stoney Lonesome Road,” clinched the #51 spot on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart, while their festive hit, “This Baby Boy,” soared to the #1 position on the UK iTunes charts. With a staggering 400K Spotify streams to their name and accolades from the International Singer Songwriter Association Awards in both 2022 and 2023, Ludlow Creek’s musical journey is adorned with milestones and applause.

“The Catacombs,” while a standalone marvel, is also a tantalizing precursor to the band’s eagerly awaited album, scheduled to grace the airwaves in the early months of 2024. This forthcoming collection of tunes is the sequel to their acclaimed 2022 album, “Which Way is Forward,” and is poised to be yet another feather in the cap for these Dayton rock virtuosos.

As “The Catacombs” reverberates across the airwaves and digital platforms, music aficionados and fans of Ludlow Creek alike are invited to immerse themselves in the auditory splendor of this new release. Be sure to follow the band on their social media channels for the latest updates and add “The Catacombs” to your playlist to experience the magic firsthand.

Listen to “The Catacombs” now on Spotify.

Feel the music, embrace the story, and let Ludlow Creek take you on a journey through the depths of “The Catacombs.” This is more than just a song; it’s a musical expedition, and everyone’s invited.

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