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K.K. Hammond’s “Heart Shaped Box” & “In The Pines” Shines


K.K. Hammond’s “Heart Shaped Box” & “In The Pines” Shines

Bathed in the gritty glory of blues rock and the nuanced storytelling of alternative folk, The Curse of K.K. Hammond transcends musical norms with an allure of innovation and raw elegance. The latest jewel in her discography, a double release featuring haunting renditions of “Heart Shaped Box” and “In The Pines,” showcases Hammond’s unrivaled ability to craft atmospheres drenched in darkness, brooding intensity, and soulful vibrations. As a British artist with roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of Delta Blues tradition, she artfully combines her musical heritage with a dash of alternative rock and a whisper of Southern Gothic horror, giving birth to a sound that is as uniquely captivating as it is profound.

“Heart Shaped Box”, originally by Nirvana, finds itself reimagined under Hammond’s resonator guitar and the powerful strums of Kaspar ‘Berry’ Rapkin’s banjo. This track is not just a cover; it’s a transformation. The blues meets gothic hillbilly style lends the song a new life, far removed from its grunge origins, yet resonating with the same intensity and passion. Hammond’s signature vocals and cadence shine brilliantly, capturing the listener’s attention from the first note to the last. The music video, available on YouTube, adds another layer of allure, making this track an unforgettable experience.

On the flip side, “In The Pines” stands tall as a testament to Hammond’s ability to breathe new life into old classics. This track, a remastered version of her popular 2021 cover, features a rustic guitar and a twang that sets the perfect mood. Hammond’s vocals, mixed seamlessly with the backdrop of ambient sounds, create a hauntingly beautiful soundscape. The song is a nod to both Lead Belly and Nirvana, paying homage to the past while firmly planting its roots in the present.

The journey of “Heart Shaped Box” from a spontaneous jam session between Hammond and Rapkin to a viral sensation on social media platforms is nothing short of magical. The overwhelming response from fans led to the track being recorded in full, mixed, and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. The inclusion of “In The Pines” as the B-side serves as a perfect complement, making this single a must-have for fans old and new.

K.K. Hammond, a multiple iTunes chart-topping artist, has a storied career filled with critical acclaim and international airplay. Her music, a blend of traditional roots and modern twists, has found a home in the hearts of blues aficionados and casual listeners alike. Her album “Death Roll Blues” has achieved phenomenal success, hitting #1 spots in both the UK and US iTunes Blues charts, and breaking into mainstream charts as well.

For those looking to dive deeper into the world of K.K. Hammond, her music is readily available on SoundCloud, and her presence is felt across social media platforms. The “Heart Shaped Box” and “In The Pines” single stands as a powerful reminder of her talent, her passion, and her unique voice in the world of blues rock and alternative folk.

You can also check out the Heart Shaped Box Music Video, here.


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