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Living on a Prayer and a Song – Trickster’s Return with the Redemptive “Still Kicking’


Living on a Prayer and a Song – Trickster’s Return with the Redemptive “Still Kicking’

“Still Kicking” is more than just the title of the latest track from Austrian-born music artist Trickster – it’s a statement. A testimony to his unwavering resilience, ambition, and perseverance. This promising new single, recently released by Trickster Recordings through Absolute Distribution, emerges as a unique ballad that mirrors Trickster’s captivating life journey.

Emerging from a turbulent and challenging childhood in the picturesque landscapes of Austria, and subsequently making England his home, Trickster’s life narrative reads like a script more unpredictable and thrilling than the most daring roller coaster. At the tender age of ten, driven by a mix of youthful rebellion and indomitable will, he made the daring decision to run away from home. This early act was just a glimpse into the relentless determination that would define his life.

Despite the crushing disappointment of being rejected from a prestigious music school, Trickster’s innate talent couldn’t be silenced or suppressed. Drawn irresistibly to the world of music, the budding artist found solace and expression at the keys of a piano. Before he even reached adulthood, his burgeoning skills took him to unexpected venues, like the sultry atmosphere of strip clubs, where he serenaded guests with melodies that belied his age, showcasing a depth and maturity that hinted at the exceptional journey he was destined for.

It wasn’t always about music for Trickster. His adventurous life led him through myriad experiences – he served time, learned to speak eleven languages, served as a pilot and a soldier, and explored 97 countries worldwide. Through his audacious endeavours in high-risk oil and gas transactions in Latin America, this multi-talented artist generated wealth, of which he generously donated nearly 50% to charity to provide life-changing assistance to those in need.

In 2017, Trickster faced one of the most challenging moments of his life when he encountered a harrowing car accident in the picturesque regions of South France. This catastrophe was not just a test of his physical endurance but also his mental fortitude. All his tangible possessions, symbols of his hard-won success, were obliterated in the aftermath. Further complicating matters, vital work documents and evidence — pillars supporting his various professional endeavors — vanished, casting a shadow of doubt over his reputation and resulting in an unexpected entanglement with legal authorities.

But as fate would have it, Trickster, true to his name and spirit, emerged from the wreckage unbroken, if not stronger. This brush with death, this testament to his unwavering resilience, finds its voice in his emotive new track, “Still Kicking”. Each verse, each chorus, channels the emotions and reflections borne from that fateful day, encapsulating his journey from near despair to defiant hope.

In light of his near-death experience and the setback that followed, Trickster emerged more robust and more devoted to expressing his gratitude through his music and charitable deeds. A nature lover at heart, Trickster plans to support nature-based initiatives with his music’s success, focusing on the creation of the UK’s largest talent factory. This venture aims to provide much-needed support and guidance for budding talent who, like him, need mentorship during the formative years of their careers.

“Still Kicking”, unveiled to the world on 19th May, 2023, stands out as a significant milestone, not merely a song, in Trickster’s evolving musical catalogue. It’s more than just sound and rhythm; it’s an auditory journey, a symphonic reflection of Trickster’s complex life. From the highs and lows, the struggles and celebrations, to moments of introspection and rebellion, each note embodies the spirit of his experiences. This particular single marks the commencement of a series intended to paint an intricate, vibrant tapestry of Trickster’s life story, rich in hues of challenges met and overcome.

This music video for the single can also be viewed here » Official Video

The track is bolstered by a constellation of stars from the music realm. While Trickster, Richard Flack, and the iconic Guy Chambers orchestrate the production, the melody is graced by the expertise of virtuosos: Dionne Douglas, with her soulful guitar riffs; Ian Thomas, setting the rhythm with his compelling drum beats; and Tom Rees, elevating the piece with his haunting trumpet solos, to name just a few. Together, they craft a harmonious testament to a life truly lived.

At its core, “Still Kicking” and Trickster’s musical journey bear testimony to the indomitable human spirit and the transformative power of music. It is through his unique blend of resilience, adventure, and philanthropy that he continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His life – a compelling story of endurance and transformation – effortlessly resonates through his distinct sound, delivering the powerful message behind his lyrics: he’s “Still Kicking”. As we look forward to his Christmas No 1 for this year, a brilliant medley, followed by a rock song in October and an exciting Festival Remix produced by DJ Panda – Trickster keeps “kicking it for one more night”, and we are here for it.

Listen to “Still Kicking” on all major platforms and feel his extraordinary life story resonate through each note. Learn more about Trickster and his uniquely captivating journey on his website or Instagram.

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