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Keeping Luxury Slow and Sustainable – The Story of Hagent


Keeping Luxury Slow and Sustainable – The Story of Hagent

Luxury isn’t just about aesthetics or cost—quality, craftsmanship and ethical values are central to the ethos of premium products. The Viennese bag label Hagent is a glowing example of this, weaving principles of slow luxury into the fabric of their business.

Hagent’s collection is hallmarked by two distinctive black calf leather backpacks. Generously roomy and exquisitely crafted, these backpacks offer a customization option of either calf leather or woven Italian fabric straps. But what really lays out the welcoming mat for consumers is Hagent’s approach towards business: a potent blend of ethical behavior, equality, and integration.

Manufactured in the heart of Italy, every Hagent backpack is designed to have an edge, metaphorically and literally. Crafted in a Florentine leather workshop, these bags are a testament to hands-on creativity and impressive attention towards detail. Each item can take over three days to handcraft, ensuring a level of meticulousness that assures durability for decades.

Fashioned from the finest Italian smooth calf leather, the backpacks are defined by their distinctive cuboid design. Corners are reinforced with leather while flaps are attached with three rivets each, the typical trademarks of a Hagent. The bags come in two sizes and provide the wearer the liberty to choose the color of their shoulder strap.

To enhance the quality of their products, Hagent insists on responsibly sourcing its materials. The chosen leather is exclusively from leading tanneries recognized by the European Commission’s Green Life project. Not only do these suppliers meet green standards, they are also adherents to the Five Freedoms of Animals regulations, ensuring that ethics are not compromised at the cost of aesthetic pursuit.

Hagent prides itself in minimizing its ecological footprint, keeping its supply chain short and using eco-friendly techniques, constantly holding its Italian suppliers accountable. What arrives at the customer’s doorstep is not just a backpack, but a quality investment designed to accompany the life story of the wearer.

The Hagent philosophy is deeply rooted in the virtues of ‘Slow Luxury’. Unaffected by fleeting fashion trends, Hagent crafts timeless bags with style and elegance as their main feature. They extend these virtues into their working environment, ensuring a healthy work-life balance for their employees while advocating fair pay. At Hagent, downtime is respected and seen as a fundamental component in maintaining mental health and productivity.

Hagent represents a rising tide of sustainable luxury labels crafting long-lasting “investment pieces”. This positions them as champions of timeless style, creating bags that neither necessitate replacement due to wear and tear nor urge the buyer to succumb to newer models.

Sustainability is not a buzzword for Hagent; rather, it is a core principle. They refrain from practices leading to overproduction and excess disposal, instead opting to work on a piece-by-piece basis. Handling each backpack like a unique project, they ensure all components, including metal hardware and woven cotton for straps, meet the highest standards.

More than just creators of beautiful, timeless products, Hagent strives to impact society and the environment positively. They foster a culture that values equality, respect, and accountability while advocating for a sustainable future. Hagent is on a mission to change the narrative in the luxury goods manufacturing industry, one ethically-created bag at a time.

The company strongly believes in preserving the traditional art of leatherworking — an artistry passed down generations. Each stitch in a Hagent bag resonates with hours of dedication, skill, and passion of the artisan.

Celebrating their heritage and massively contributing to an ethical future, Hagent is the face of modern slow-luxury that demands nothing but your attention. So, when you wear a Hagent, understand it’s less about a bag on your shoulder and more about a value system on your back.

For more from Hagent, visit their website, follow them on Instagram, check out their creative ideas on Pinterest or join the fun at TikTok.

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