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Innovating Love: The Story Behind ‘Love Test’ and Its Creators


Innovating Love: The Story Behind ‘Love Test’ and Its Creators

A Fresh Approach to Love

In the bustling heart of contemporary digital culture, a unique trio has emerged with a groundbreaking concept, captivating the attention of Gen Z and beyond. Eugene Baiste, Janet Gooosebumpsssssss, and Kolunya(Nikolai Spesivtsev) have collaborated to launch ‘Love Test’, a platform designed to resonate with today’s youth, offering psychologically based quizzes to test relationships. Since its debut on January 1st, the platform has not only garnered public intrigue but has also attracted investors keen on tapping into this novel venture.

The Trio Behind ‘Love Test’

A brief about each member of the group:

Eugene Baiste, a 2024 Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, is already behind companies like 50 Stars Cinema (a CGI and animation production firm) and (a software development company), which is actually in charge of the production of

Kolunya(Nikolai Spesivtsev), well-known for working with Bella Poarch, Alan Chikin Chow, and for his appearances in Vogue, was once a member of the world’s largest Tik-Tok house. Currently, Kolunya has amassed over 4 million dedicated fans on his social media platforms.

Janet Gooosebumpsssssss has a slightly different background and comes from the world of beauty. Janet has artists and celebrities like Young Thug, Iggy Azalea, Eva Longoria, and others on her credit list.

‘Love Test’: Unraveling the Mystery of Relationships

What do these three have in common, you might ask? Besides their career aspirations, all three have unique relationship experiences with their own ups and downs, which they decided to transform into something practical and helpful. The debut test on their platform, “Is it Love,” has the sole purpose of helping users find out how much someone is into them. As simple as that! As we know, the Los Angeles dating scene is full of mixed emotions, and this test is a lifesaver for those trying to figure out what’s between them and their partner, or just the person they have in mind. Is it love or just a bluff? Is it manipulation or the real thing? Is it worth it, or should you move on?

Beyond Quizzes: Addressing the Dating App Dilemma

During the process of making the platform, which was originally dedicated solely to love tests, many of their friends mistook it for a dating app. All three had been off major dating apps for quite a while but decided to revisit them. We’re all aware of the problems with major dating apps: a plethora of bots, low interest in using the apps in the first place, high-priced subscriptions, and constant upselling. These issues need solutions. Thus, right after the project launch, Eugene Baiste announced that by the end of 2025, they plan to deliver a new generation dating app that will be different from anything the market currently offers. This is more than just an ambitious idea, considering the market giants they might find themselves up against. But Eugene is confident they have marketing advantages and flexibility that these companies cannot offer.

Conclusion: The Future of Digital Love and Relationships

As ‘Love Test’ develops, it marks a new step in understanding today’s relationships. The founders, experts in their own areas, bring fresh ideas to learning about love and connections. This project shows how dating and building relationships are changing in our digital world, highlighting how tech can help us better understand and manage our romantic lives.

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