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Grab These Three Russian Concert Tickets Before They Sell Out


Grab These Three Russian Concert Tickets Before They Sell Out

Musical and lyrical talents from Russia continue enthralling audiences worldwide. But it’s not every day that you get to witness comedic lyrics, inspiring musicals, and melodious poetry in a single season.

Well, that’s precisely what stands on offer this spring and coming summer for music lovers in North America. So, lay hold of these excellent Russian concert tickets while they’re still on the shelves!

Vasya Oblomov: Statements Through Music

This April, a series of Canadian cities will host the music and exciting live performances of VAsya Oblomov, a performer, producer, and all-around musical talent. He’s known for his sharp satirical videos and strong messages communicated through music.

The man’s musical talent is also beyond question or doubt. He has worked on multiple projects and netted several musical awards in the last decade alone.

He has performed in virtually every major Russian festival, written music for hit television projects, owns over six major albums, and runs a YouTube channel that boasts over ten million combined views.

This particular tour is titled, ‘We Cannot Repeat.” The show will feature some of his most successful songs and beloved numbers. Additionally, it will include some thrilling new songs and compositions that Oblomov has written recently.

Where To Catch Him

April 15, 2023, at the Commonwealth Bar & Stage, Calgary

April 16, 2023, Grace Community Church, Winnipeg

April 21, 2023, The Brass Monkey, Ottawa

April 23, 2023, Theatre Plaza, Montreal

Rustem Galich and Gennady Vysotsky

Spend this year’s International Women’s Day in New York with this Russian duo presenting a special evening that celebrates the fairer sex.

Galich is an established actor, producer, and poet whose expertise with ‘scenic speech’ remains unmatched in many European circles. A veteran of Russian Classical Poetry, he has performed as characters ranging from Pushkin and Bunin to Mayakovsky and Pasternak.

Gennady Vysotsky is also a fellow performer of music and poetry whose accolades make him appreciated across Russian performance circles around the United States.

Together, their combined act remains titled, ‘Honey, Let’s Sit Next To You.’ The show embodies a serene evening that celebrates romance, lights, and the soft ambiance of candles all around.

Where To Catch Them

March 08, 2023, at the Davidson Radio, Brooklyn, NY

Boris Andreanov: Rivers And Streets

Witness the coming together of some of the most talented Russian artists in this collaborative performance titled, ‘Rivers And Streets.’

The show will feature a pleasant mix of music, poetry, and skillful performances. Celebrated cellist Boris Andreanov will bring to life the musical tones that accompany Joseph Brodsky’s poetic works.

Actor Artur Smolyaninov will portray the main lead. And pianist Valeria Kogan will cover the much-needed piano pieces that give character to the show.

Andreanov, as a cellist, covers a wide range of music and accompaniment. His sounds will touch leading songs of the act as well as sound effects like seagulls, women’s voices, and even steamboat horns.

The show remains one of the sought-after Russian concert tickets around this season. So, make sure you grab yours on Vesna Tickets before they run out!

Where To Catch Him

May 13, 2023, at the Scottish Rite Memorial Temple, San Francisco

May 14, 2023, at the Lincoln Theater, Los Angeles

May 17, 2023, Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, Washington

May 20, 2023, Oceana Theater, New York

May 21, 2023, Regent Theater, Boston.

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