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Entrepreneur Kills It With Septic Systems & Portable Toilet Business


Entrepreneur Kills It With Septic Systems & Portable Toilet Business

Acquiring a new business can be challenging, especially if the owner doesn’t know the operation. It requires wisdom and experience to face the challenges and make the company a successful venture. 

So, when Shane Whittington decided to buy Epic Sanitation, well-known septic and portable restroom business based in Lake Orion, Michigan, he too faced the same dilemma. It was even more challenging because the front office caught fire right before signing the deal.

It seemed impossible because many documents got burned, and the new owner had to start from scratch. But even though he didn’t have any idea about the new business, he had experience in another business, and it really paid off. 

At the same time, many people came forward to provide useful information, especially about recurring customers. Hence, it proved to be quite resourceful. The new owner and his team have since then managed the company pretty well, and even though it’s not a youtube channel where a youtuber can track it’s views and public response, it can be seen by the ever-increasing popularity. 

A New Challenge

The business was just about getting back to normal when the pandemic hit, and everything came to a standstill. Those were challenging times, and things looked bleak. However, Whittington and his team never stopped, and they managed to get jobs and generate revenue. 

The company got the contract to clean portable restrooms and also to pump out RV waste in county-owned parks and camping grounds. 

The business flourished even in those hard times because of the owner’s experience from past dealings. However, other factors also contributed to the success of the business. Good management, hard work, all-around efforts from everyone, suitable vacuum trucks, and other pieces of equipment are some reasons that enabled the company to get going in the right direction. 

The Equipment

No septic business can function without a fleet of the best vacuum trucks. So, the company doesn’t leave any stone unturned to secure the best vehicles. It has five tracks in the septic business and four on the restroom side. The latest is a 2021 FlowMark International HV607-H1 in the septic division, and the oldest is a 2005 GMC Sierra in the restroom division. 

The company has many pieces of equipment in the restroom division, including handwash stations, portable units, and a restroom trailer.

Remodeling and Pay Raise

The owner believes that image is quite important to take a business forward. So, they rebranded the company and created a new image. The company decided to stay up to date and transform the image for a new look.

Whittington also gave a raise to all the employees as part of the company’s rebranding. The company is also planning to offer retirement and insurance plans.

Looking Forward

Whittington plans to take the business to greater heights and make it popular. He wants to dominate the area and make sure that everyone wants to use their services. 

It may seem like an uphill task, but with his experience and efforts from everyone at the company, it won’t take long for his dreams to be fulfilled. 

The company aims to provide the best service and ensure that its employees and customers are all satisfied.

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