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Living Lands NFT: Making Passive Income Possible


Living Lands NFT: Making Passive Income Possible

The non-fungible token or NFT market has allured millions of investors, making it one of the top investment sectors in recent times. Living Lands NFT is one of the few that seem to make passive income actually possible.

Besides serving as a source for profitable future investment, NFTs provide a stable stream of passive income that can fuel generational wealth over the years.

I’m sure you’ve seen the space blowing up over the past year or so. Companies, athletes, youtubers, musicians, and video games are all taking advantage of the innovative technology to help spread brand awareness and increase their passive income and revenue streams.

However, with the range of NFTs available in the current market, finding a reliable platform is challenging. In short, you have to consider various aspects before investing your hard-earned money in a particular project.

Thankfully, the Living Lands project runs on a more efficient Polygon blockchain system and operates on high-value assets to ensure a steady flow of passive income for investors.

So how does the Living Lands project make passive income possible?

If you have heard about the Living Lands project and want to learn more, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you understand how the Living Lands project functions and how you can generate passive income by joining the platform.

Why is the Living Lands project reliable for passive income?

The Living Lands project ticks all the right boxes to become a reliable source of passive income. For instance, the project runs on a secure and fast blockchain system, operates on high-value assets, and follows various contingency plans to curb financial loss.

Here are the factors that make the Living Lands project reliable.

Polygon blockchain system

The Living Lands project operates on an efficient Polygon blockchain system that offers more convenience and network speed than other blockchain systems.

Unlike other NFT platforms powered by Ethereum blockchain systems, Polygon offers low transaction fees and higher network speeds for transactions. For instance, the system can support nearly 65,000 transactions at cheaper costs ranging from $0.1 to $0.5.

This higher network speed and lower transaction cost make it affordable for every investor, ensuring investment opportunities for everyone. Additionally, the system supports over 7000 dApps, making it one of the most preferred decentralized scaling platforms for NFTs.

Investment prospects

The Living Lands project operates in Bitcoin mining and real estate to generate consistent and secure income prospects for investors.

For instance, the project invests in various real estate projects that offer high income for investors. Additionally, these development projects provide homes to millions of families while generating a consistent rental income for investors.

In short, the Living Lands project guarantees investors a stable monthly income that will escalate over the years.

On the other hand, Bitcoin mining is a lucrative investment prospect as the cryptocurrency scales new heights every year. The Living Lands project will purchase units from high-quality miners to reap more benefits.

Although profits depend on present BTC market conditions, investors will still make a stable passive income over the years.

Contingency plans

Besides investing in real estate and BTC miners, the Living Lands project has various contingency plans to counter potential financial risks. These tactics keep the investors’ investments secure during worst-case scenarios.

For instance, if the housing market crashes, the Living Lands project can leverage all its assets as the project owns the rights to these assets from the production phase.

Likewise, the Living Lands project has a backup plan for a BTC market crash. The platform will convert the funds used in Bitcoin mining to other stable cryptocurrencies to minimize the financial risk.

Although the annual yield may plummet than usual, the project will still generate up to 25% of annual income for investors. Furthermore, investors can also burn their NFTs or continue with other alternatives if the Polygon blockchain fails.

NFT economics in the Living Lands project

Investment opportunities in NFT can be lucrative. However, they also come with various loopholes, especially when you don’t know which NFT project to trust.

The Living Lands project is a unique investment prospect that will revolutionize the NFT industry. For instance, the project will store monthly revenue generated from different assets in its funds and allow it to grow on the crypto market.

Since the platform operates on a transparent system, investors will get monthly progress reports of their income. Additionally, the project will run a specific cycle to distribute rewards and dividends to its investors, depending on the market conditions.

The Living Lands project will pay these rewards in Bitcoin, Matic, and Ethereum with a 2% transaction fee for every completed sale. However, this transaction fee will return to the reward fund and benefit the investor in the long run.

Besides providing a consistent annual passive income, investors can sell their non-fungible tokens at mint prices. However, an investor can hold onto his assets and continue on the platform according to his preferences.

Furthermore, the Living Lands community will hold meetings after five years to distribute bonuses obtained from burned NFTs. However, if the community decides not to burn its NFTs, the project will continue as usual.

What can investors expect from the Living Lands project in the next 5 years?

The Living Lands project has a clear roadmap for the next few years, ensuring that investors get more benefits and excellent returns on investments. The project’s primary goal is to provide a stable and consistent passive income with plans to generate generational wealth for investors.

The project plans to produce a 100% return on investments for stakeholders in two to four years and ensures that each NFT will generate identical returns. This tactic ensures that every investor will get fair returns irrespective of which NFT he purchases.

Additionally, the platform is open to all and investors from all walks of life can join the project. The Living Lands roadmap demonstrates a clear plan of how the project wants to achieve its goals, with the first phase slated to begin in the second quarter of 2022.

Living Lands – Wrap Up

So will Living Lands make passive income possible? With a clear roadmap that will blossom as early as the third quarter of 2023, the Living Lands project will undoubtedly garner attention from investors.

Since Living Lands propose unique propaganda toward NFT trading, it will be an effective tool to generate a stable and consistent passive income. Additionally, the transparent and trustworthy system speaks volumes about its reliability, which is hard to find in most NFT trading platforms.

In short, the Living Lands project will undoubtedly revolutionize the NFT market and is a must-try for every investor.

If you’d like to learn more about Living Lands NFT and how you can get involved before the project skyrockets – click on the link here.

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