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Empowering Success: A Conversation with DeShonda Monique Jennings


Empowering Success: A Conversation with DeShonda Monique Jennings

In this engaging Q&A article, we had the pleasure of speaking with DeShonda Monique Jennings, a seasoned author and coach in the personal development industry. Her journey is marked by a deep passion for making a positive impact on the lives of children, and her dedication to transforming the early childhood education field. DeShonda’s remarkable path has seen her excel as an author, coaching fellow childcare providers, and running her family childcare business. Her commitment to empowering families and educators shines through her work.

In this interview, DeShonda shares insights into her coaching philosophy, handling setbacks, and her personal values that shape her approach. She also sheds light on what makes her coaching unique and valuable to her clients. Get ready to be inspired by her wisdom and experience.

Can you introduce yourself and share your journey as an author and coach in the personal development industry?

I’m DeShonda Jennings, and I’m thrilled to take you on a journey through my life as an author and coach in the personal development industry. I grew up in the small town of Kenbridge, VA, and from a young age, I felt a deep love for children. This love guided my path, leading me to make a positive impact on their lives. I’m a mother and hold a degree in Early Childhood Education. This combination of personal and educational experiences inspired me to recognize the immense potential in family childcare.

With unwavering dedication and innovative thinking, I founded DJ Shining Stars Daycare LLC®, a childcare business that quickly became synonymous with excellence. Understanding the need for support in the childcare industry, I expanded my role to become a childcare coach, assisting fellow providers in creating successful businesses that offer exceptional care and education. Writing books like “How To Start A Quality Home Daycare” and “Life of An Entrepreneur” further extended my reach, offering guidance to parents and educators. Everything I do is driven by empathy and a strong commitment to the well-being of children and caregivers, with the ultimate goal of empowering families and transforming early childhood education.

In your experience, how do you handle setbacks or difficult moments in your coaching business, and what lessons have you learned from them?

In my role as a coach for home-based childcare businesses, I’ve encountered my fair share of challenges and tough moments. When setbacks arise, my approach is to take a step back and calmly search for solutions. I’ve learned that making mistakes is a natural part of any journey, and it’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and never give up. I view each setback as a unique opportunity for growth.

Open and honest communication with my clients is at the core of how I navigate these situations. If things don’t go as planned, I engage in candid conversations with my clients, and together, we work to find a way forward. These experiences have instilled in me the virtues of adaptability and patience. They’ve shown me that setbacks are temporary, and with the right mindset, they can lead to even better strategies. So, I maintain a commitment to continuous learning, patience, and utilize every difficulty as a steppingstone toward achieving success.

Besides your professional achievements, are there any personal values or philosophies that have significantly influenced the way you run your coaching business?

Absolutely, my coaching philosophy is deeply influenced by the values that matter most to me in my personal life, extending beyond my professional achievements. Spending quality time with my family, especially my children and grandchildren, holds immense importance in my heart. The connection I share with them is invaluable.

Honesty and integrity are foundational principles that shape how I coach and operate my childcare business. I am committed to working with clients and situations that align with these values. Being open, trustworthy, and authentic in everything I do is non-negotiable. I want my coaching to be a genuine reflection of who I am, creating an environment where people who seek my guidance can feel comfortable and receive advice that resonates with their goals and the values I hold dear.

My aim is to attract clients who are in alignment with these values, creating a harmonious and productive coaching relationship.

How do you differentiate your coaching approach from others in the industry, and what unique value do you bring to your clients?

What sets my coaching approach apart is the emphasis on tailoring guidance to each individual. I firmly believe that one size does not fit all. My own journey has been marked by numerous personal and professional mistakes, which, in turn, have enriched my ability to provide valuable advice to my clients. I bring a personalized touch to my coaching, ensuring that the strategies I recommend align with the unique needs and goals of each person.

But what truly distinguishes me is my dual role as a coach and a business owner in the home-based childcare industry. This unique perspective allows me to offer practical advice grounded in real-world experience. I understand the intricacies, challenges, and successes in the childcare field, and I bring this insight to my coaching. This blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience equips me to guide individuals who aspire to start their own home-based childcare businesses effectively.

I offer a comprehensive view of what to expect and provide the necessary tools for success in the real world, making my coaching invaluable to those pursuing their childcare business dreams.

In this insightful conversation with DeShonda Monique Jennings, we’ve gained a glimpse into her inspiring journey as an author and coach in the personal development industry. Her commitment to making a positive impact on children’s lives and transforming the early childhood education field is truly commendable.

DeShonda’s approach to handling setbacks and challenges is a testament to her resilience and determination. Her emphasis on open communication and learning from mistakes offers valuable lessons for all aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs.

Moreover, DeShonda’s deep-rooted personal values of family, honesty, and authenticity are the foundation of her coaching philosophy. She not only imparts professional guidance but also creates a comfortable and trustworthy environment for her clients.

What truly distinguishes DeShonda is her unique blend of coaching and hands-on experience in the home-based childcare industry. Her practical approach and real-world insights set her apart as a coach who goes the extra mile to ensure her clients’ success.

For more information and to connect with DeShonda Monique Jennings, visit her website at Her journey and coaching philosophy continue to inspire those she touches, leaving a lasting positive impact on the world of personal development.

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