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Elias the Infinite: The Vibrant Voice Rising from the West Coast


Elias the Infinite: The Vibrant Voice Rising from the West Coast

In the realm of Hip Hop, few artists possess the dynamism and authenticity of Elias the Infinite. Standing tall as a beacon of individuality, this Inglewood-native is redefining the essence of the genre, seamlessly blending old-school West Coast vibes with globally resonant lyrics.

Elias, previously known to fans as “Florence the Infinite”, began his artistic journey at the tender age of thirteen. Thanks to a serendipitous Christmas gathering and a SoundCloud-savvy cousin, Elias found himself with two fresh beats to write to, birthing the early sounds of an artist destined for greatness. But it wasn’t merely a spontaneous incident that led him to pick up the mic; Elias was deeply influenced by the icons of Hip Hop and alternative music. They say we are what we consume, and Elias consumed the very best. With influences ranging from Kanye West to GORILLAZ, he learned to immerse listeners into a sonic universe, telling tales of his own life and struggles.

While he might be globally recognized now, Elias’s roots in the West Coast are unmistakable. His tracks take listeners on a ride from the streets of Inglewood to the glitz of Hollywood, painting a picture of his adventures, spiritual quests, and romantic escapades. There’s a little something for everyone, from head-bopping beats to soulful melodies that tell tales of young adolescence transitioning to the challenges of adulthood.

March saw Elias dropping a bombshell on the music scene with his EP “BE YOU (side A)”. If this release was any indication, Elias’s ascent to Hip Hop stardom is undeniable. The EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s an anthem for authenticity. In an era where it’s easy to get lost in the sea of conformity, Elias champions individuality, reminding fans of the beauty in being distinct and genuine.

As founder of the Hoolipack music collective and clothing line, Elias is also a thriving entrepreneur. His brand resonates with his music’s ethos: celebrating the eccentric and unique. The Hoolipack brand is a clarion call for all to embrace their quirks and peculiarities without an iota of apology.

The horizon looks even brighter for Elias. Fans are eagerly waiting for the second installment, “BE YOU (side B)”, slated for an early 2024 release. While they wait, Elias promises thrilling exclusive meets, greets, and shows revolving around his latest EP. But the artist is more than his music. His affiliations include Hip Hop collective The Topmost Kings, featuring the legendary Kurupt, and he shares managerial ties with the iconic DJ Battlecat.

For those new to Elias’s music, he describes it as “global, vulnerable, relatable, and distinctively different.” It’s a journey, an experience. He hopes that listeners find inspiration to grow, express, and remember that being different is not just okay—it’s incredible.

Elias’s story is a testament to resilience, passion, and the raw power of authenticity. He brings back a fresh wave to Hip Hop, echoing the legends that influenced him while carving out a distinct path of his own.

Eager to dive into Elias the Infinite’s universe? You’re just a click away. Explore his captivating music on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. To keep up with his latest updates, adventures, and sneak peeks, follow him on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

As the world gears up for “BE YOU (side B)”, one thing is certain—Elias the Infinite is here to stay, and he’s all set to redefine the landscape of Hip Hop with his infectious energy, raw talent, and relentless passion.

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