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Discovering the Enchanting World of ‘lilac pond’ – An Embrace of Electro-Pop and Indie-Pop


Discovering the Enchanting World of ‘lilac pond’ – An Embrace of Electro-Pop and Indie-Pop

Deeply rooted in a magical blend of electro-pop and indie-pop is the album “lilac pond.” The effort is brilliantly crafted by England’s own lilac frog, a.k.a. Harri Hocking, who at only 19 years old, invites listeners into an immersive universe sketched vividly through his ambient music.

The album is a harmonious compilation of twelve songs that run for a generous 40 minutes, blessing our ears from start to end with impeccable production and attention to detail. Brighter still, the album is graced by other talented artists such as ‘undy’, and ‘Mia Robson’, who contribute to the overall diversity and polish of the project.

Each track on the album stands out as a unique story, each with its distinct charm. When we first listened to ‘Reason to Stay,’ featuring ‘undy’, we were unprepared for the delightful experience. This track masterfully combines the talents of two seasoned artists with crisp production and seamless synthesis. The album continues to showcase lilac frog’s authentic and idiosyncratic style. Songs like ‘Friends and Strangers’ enchant us with gentle piano and heartwarming vocals, while ‘Butterfly’ comforts with its soothing production and relatable tone/lyrics.

Equally emotive is ‘See Straight Through Me’, a track that fondly takes listeners down a retro adventure with hard hitting snares, painting an aural picture with vibrant synths, vocal overlays, and it’s own signature vibe. As the journey wraps up, it leaves a tranquil touch with ‘Until Next Time (Diving Under)’, a calm and retrospective track marked by the clever use of piano, pads, and minimal percussion.

Through his compilation, lilac frog hopes for listeners to perceive his music as both an escape and a place of reflection. His work is now available on all major music streaming platforms, and we highly recommend giving it a listen.

Hocking’s vision stretches beyond “lilac pond,” as he continues to ideate new projects for 2024, while ensuring he doesn’t burn out from the love for his craft. Lilac frog’s music offers more than just an auditory experience, embedding narratives through lyrics and creating vibrant scenes with colorful electronic productions. His authentic and honest compositions unapologetically delve into personal thoughts or struggles.

Harri Hocking, working under the nom de plume of lilac frog, has successfully created a platform to share his voice while welcoming listeners into his fictional world filled with enchanting visuals and unique storytelling. His debut album ‘lilac pond’ sets high expectations for future projects and cements lilac frog’s place in the electro-pop and indie-pop genre. Eager fans can follow this emerging talent through his Instagram and Linktree profiles.

As the world waits in anticipation of what this versatile artist will share next, one thing is clear: lilac frog knows the art of music. This talented artist confidently maintains his relevance in an ever-evolving music landscape. Now that “lilac pond” signals his arrival, the world can only but expect more intriguing stories narrated through lilac frog’s distinctive compositions.

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