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Aria – Pioneering Nuances in Music and Crafting a Rhythm of Brotherhood


Aria – Pioneering Nuances in Music and Crafting a Rhythm of Brotherhood

From the immensity of the world’s diverse music genres emerges a unique symphony of layered sounds, an indelible testament to the continually changing aspects of our global culture. Meet Aria, née Mariano Schiavolini, a musical impresario known to many as the King Crimson of Italy. This musical powerhouse brings a trove of talent, honed through a journey in music that continues to sweep audiences off their feet.

As a founding member of the avant-garde band Celeste and a pupil of music therapy, Aria carries the essence of the 70s progressive music within the heart of his soundscape. With his roots in rock, classical, and progressive music, he simultaneously gives his tracks a fresh twist by marrying rhythm and blues, jazz, and the pulsating rhythms of Latin American music.

Not content with simply playing within genres, Aria innovates with an artful blending of sounds, taking inspiration from a diverse array of artists, from the melodic affluence of Mike Oldfield and Alan Parson to the vibrant ethnically influenced world music notes echoing Rudimental, Alan Parson’s Project and the Soweto Gospel Choir. Pushing the boundaries further, Aria’s compositions also feature the intricate sophistication of orchestral arrangements, a testament of his virtuosic prowess.

But, he doesn’t stop there. Given his commitment to crafting music that “goes against the grain,” Aria challenges today’s digitized music industry by embracing analogue setups. His recent single, “Smile,” encapsulates this promise. The song’s rich composition – a striking harmony of over 120 tracks – showcases an elaborate sound layering that adds depth and flavor to the track. This use of older analogue techniques preserves the individual frequencies of each instrument, representing the extraordinary level of mastery that Aria has acquired in his long-standing career.

Despite the kaleidoscope of sounds and genres that Aria immerses himself in, his musical vision amplifies one message: unity. He cherishes music’s power to communicate across cultures, languages, and even species. His tracks frequently deliver heartfelt messages, from poignant insights about human rights violations to concerns about wildlife conservation. Therefore, Aria is not just a musician; he’s a devoted curator of the world’s shared feelings and experiences, a storyteller of human (and animal) narratives.

One of his upcoming releases, an ensemble piece called “Broken,” pays tribute to refugees’ hardships. Featuring prominent opera and pop singers, this track echoes stories of struggle from far-flung corners of the globe, bound together by Aria’s devoted composition. Undeniably, Aria’s music resonates with a refreshing immediacy, even as it sets hearts aflutter with ageless charm.

Simultaneously, his commendable dedication to authenticity fuels his yearning for a world where listeners can once again appreciate the nuances and live vibrancy that marked the music of the 60s and 70s. Aria argues for a musical renaissance of sorts, where the nuances and ‘imperfections’ of real instruments create the magic that machines alone can’t replicate. It’s not too much to envision a world where beat-up vinyl records spin stories of love in dimly lit rooms, where the subtle crackling of old records resurrects memories once forgotten.

As a clear embodiment of Aria’s vision, his latest nu-jazz releases, “Blind Eyes” and “Find that Man,” spark anticipation for what lies ahead. Currently, he is working on new works featuring a renowned New York City jazz singer, promising his audience more of his signature rhythm-infused pieces.

Aria’s music creates a world where romantic, slow dance melodies blend seamlessly with the vibrancy of world music, and where the complexity of today’s lifestyle meets the simplicity of timeless rock ballads. It’s more than just music; it’s a bridge across cultures, a celebration of unity and the triumphant return of ‘real’ musical authenticity.

Immerse yourself in the musical tapestry woven by Aria, an artist whose sounds transcend borders and touch souls. Experience the evocative allure of “Smile” and journey through Aria’s diverse portfolio on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. To get a front-row seat to his latest creations and updates, connect with him on Facebook and Instagram. For an in-depth exploration of Aria’s universe, wander through his official website and discover more at his record label’s page. Embark on this musical voyage, and let Aria guide you through the symphonies of life.

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