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Amanda – The Cumbrian Songbird Dazzling the Music World


Amanda – The Cumbrian Songbird Dazzling the Music World

It’s not every day that you come across an artist whose roots are firmly planted in the rolling hills of Cumbria, a picturesque hamlet in England. But then again, Amanda isn’t your everyday musician. A siren of the contemporary music scene, Amanda’s melodic journey began at a tender age, ignited by the unmistakable allure of song and rhythm.

When you think of 2002, you might recall the World Cup or the birth of Euro coins. For Amanda, 2002 was the year her star began its ascent in the musical cosmos. Selected for the kids’ version of the UK TV show “Stars in their Eyes,” her performance dazzled host Matthew Kelly, and the nation, compelling Kelly to declare on live TV that it was talent like Amanda’s that justified the creation of the kids’ version of the show.

Barely a moment for the applause to fade, and Amanda was gracing festivals and events throughout the UK, her enchanting voice resonating alongside industry stalwarts like Elton John, Westlife, Boyzone, Sugababes, McFly, and The Hoosiers. A crowning moment was when Boyzone invited her on their sold-out UK and Ireland tour, a whirlwind of arenas and stadiums, from the O2 and Wembley to the MEN.

Amanda isn’t just a vocalist, though. The canvas of her creativity extends to writing award-winning songs for artists such as Raisa and contributing to ad campaigns for brands as diverse as The Paris Saint Germain Soccer Team, Cil and Andrea Pirlo. Her versatile pen can craft enchanting narratives as easily as it can craft catchy hooks, a testament to her broad palette of skills.

Amanda’s latest offering, ‘Rush,’ is an audacious love letter to the disco era. Infused with her silky vocals, it is an upbeat number characterized by lush string arrangements and driving melodies, crafted in collaboration with famed producer Antonio Dixon (known for his work with Ariana Grande and Beyonce). ‘Rush’ is an evocative composition, a marriage of electro-pop and disco, blending electronic beats with disco strings. It’s a feel-good record that encourages listeners to let go of inhibitions and immerse themselves in the joy of the moment.

Her deep reverence for music shines brightly as she talks about how she loses herself in the sounds, zoning out to experience everything, every note, every rhythm. It is this kind of passionate involvement that she wishes to gift her listeners with – a safe space to just be and feel without boundaries.

An artist who dreams of collaborating with Kaytranada for his intricate music production, Amanda’s love for discovery and novelty never falters. Each listen, she insists, reveals something new, mirroring her own journey in the music industry.

Currently working on an EP set for release this fall, Amanda is putting her heart and soul into each track, a commitment easily felt in her newly released single “Rush.” With her unrivaled talent and penchant for crafting deep, emotive music, Amanda has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. The Cumbrian songbird is here to dazzle, and we’re all eager for the show.

Follow Amanda’s journey on Instagram and YouTube. And don’t forget to treat yourself to her latest single, “Rush,” available on all major platforms.

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