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30-Sec Clips That’ll Take Your English From ESL To Native Proficiency


30-Sec Clips That’ll Take Your English From ESL To Native Proficiency

How many of us know how to pronounce Emily Ratajkowski’s name correctly? Maybe scientific words like ‘Epidemiology’ never really sound right when you say it. How would an American pronounce quirky phrases like ‘Oompa Loompa’?

You can learn these and hundreds of other words and phrases at the American Pronunciation Guide (APG). The APG is a game-changing YouTube Channel that’s sweeping learners off their feet with quick lessons, brilliant examples, and real-life examples of correct speech.

What Sets The APG Apart

Alright. So, there are tons of English language channels that teach, spell, and guide you toward speaking or writing better English. What possible advantage could another new channel bring that doesn’t already exist?

Believe it or not, the APG channel does that precisely!

Check out their welcome video below:

The American Pronunciation Guide takes a novel approach of teaching correct pronunciation through phonetics and phonology in the spoken form. So, you’ll get to hear a specific word being said by native speakers in daily circumstances and conversations.

As you hear several instances of the word being spoken by different speakers, you begin to acquire the sounds. These instances all come from various sources of popular culture, television, movies, or other media. So, you enjoy listening to the word as much as you learn how to pronounce it correctly.

How The APG Works

The APG’s general style of delivery is to choose a specific word, compile clips of native speakers saying that word, and share it with listeners in a way that’s easy to listen to and learn.

Sounds simple? Well, there’s a ton of work that makes it happen.

The APG team will settle on a particular word for a new clip. With a customized software program, they scan thousands of popular YouTube videos and their transcripts checking for that specific word.

Then, the clips containing the word go through a vetting and verification process under human scrutiny. This phase will ensure that the word’s occurrence appears with the correct pronunciation and context. For instance, the pronunciation must be clear in American English. Plus, the grammar and context of the sentence must be correct to avoid confusion.

The most appropriate clips get sewn together in the editing phase. And you get a final product that presents multiple instances of the word being spoken. For the listener, this clip that’s less than a minute long is worth more than an hour’s lecture in class.

Even the learning process remains practical and natural, yet scientific and efficient. You’ll pick up the correct pronunciation like a native speaker learns the language – by hearing others speak it correctly. It’s intuitive and easy to follow, and it reshapes your language to sound like a true American speaker.

The APG channel started churning out helpful clips back in 2020. But they already enjoy tens of thousands of subs and followers. And it’s only been a few years.

It’s not a multi-million-sub channel. That means there’s no clickbait, the content remains informative, and the lessons are quick and practical. So, right now is essentially the perfect time to go and absorb their content.

Follow the American Pronunciation Guide and see your English go from ordinary to awesome in absolutely no time!

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