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The Chamber Up Revolution – How Two Visionaries Are Transforming Small Business Support


The Chamber Up Revolution – How Two Visionaries Are Transforming Small Business Support

Elton Hollis and Joe Tant’s Small Business Friday program is the epitome of doing for others and trusting it will come back to you

A Journey of Growth and Support

From humble beginnings in local cafes to a thriving podcast, Elton Hollis and Joe Tant have truly transformed the small business landscape in their community. Their brainchild, the Small Business Friday Program, has evolved into a vital resource for businesses in need of a little extra help, particularly those without a huge marketing budget.

The program aims to bridge the gap between industry and small business partners by promoting and supporting them through various social media platforms and local events. It all began with a simple idea – sitting down and visiting local restaurants and cafes in the area with their friends. As the idea grew, so did their ambitions. Today, Small Business Friday has a once-a-week radio program in English and Spanish, offering a platform for entrepreneurs to promote themselves and share valuable advice with others.

Over the years, the program has fostered numerous connections and collaborations, enabling small businesses to access resources that might have otherwise been out of reach. This includes workshops, mentorship, and networking opportunities designed to empower entrepreneurs and help them overcome the challenges they face in the business world.

Meet Joe Tant, the Voice of Small Business

Joe Tant, Vice President of Finance, Administration, and Education at The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, is the embodiment of small business advocacy. A Cornell and Baylor University graduate, Tant’s impressive resume includes positions as Executive Director of The Port Arthur Education Foundation, Managing Partner of Southeast Texas Business Referral Group, and President/CEO of Southeast Texas Educational Development Foundation.

Joe’s passion for small business shines through in his popular podcast, “Small Business Friday,” which he co-hosts with Elton Hollis. A dedicated father of three and a proud dog dad to his yellow lab, Coffee, Joe is also an active board member in his community, tirelessly promoting equitable access to capital, markets, and networks for small businesses.

Joe’s commitment to supporting small businesses extends beyond his professional life. He is actively involved in local events, seminars, and workshops that focus on small business growth and development. By sharing his knowledge and expertise, Joe continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of entrepreneurs in his community.

Enter Elton Hollis, the Safety and Training Guru

Elton A. Hollis III, owner of Hol-Tech Resources and General Manager of RT Technical Solutions, is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of business growth, safety, and training. With over 26 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Construction field, Hollis offers consulting, training, executive coaching, and safety management and compliance services to clients across various industries.

Aside from his executive roles, Elton co-founded the Golden Triangle Industrial Group and serves as Vice Chairperson for the Contractors Business Development Group. His expertise in safety and training has earned him features on the covers of Global Millionaire Magazine, InLife International, Global Elite Entrepreneur, and numerous other publications. A two-time author and songwriter, Hollis is also a recipient of the 2022 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Award for Microbusiness.

Elton’s dedication to helping small businesses succeed is evident in his involvement in training grant work in collaboration with Lamar Institute of Technology. By conducting marketing meetings, events, and numerous mentor speaking engagements, he has played an essential role in fostering the growth of countless small businesses in his community.

Chamber Up: The Program that Puts Small Business First

At the heart of Elton and Joe’s mission is the Chamber Up program, which partners with local chambers of commerce to highlight their members, regardless of size, and offers promotion free of charge. This innovative program not only supports small businesses but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among entrepreneurs.

Chamber Up has already made a significant impact by partnering with the Vidor Chamber of Commerce and the Sour Lake Chamber of Commerce. By highlighting the unique stories and achievements of small businesses, the program brings much-needed attention and resources to these hard-working entrepreneurs.

The “Small Business Friday!” Podcast: A Platform for Success

The Small Business Friday podcast, hosted by Elton Hollis and Joe Tant, delivers crucial news and insights about local businesses and their services. With a focus on helping businesses expand their reach and increase public awareness, the podcast has garnered over 3.7 million viewers on Spotify and other social media platforms.

Each episode of the podcast features interviews with small business owners who share their experiences, challenges, and successes in the industry. By providing a platform for entrepreneurs to tell their stories and offer advice, the podcast serves as a valuable resource for listeners looking to learn from the experiences of others and make informed decisions in their own businesses.

Getting Involved: How You Can Support Small Business Friday

Elton and Joe’s mission to uplift small businesses is an inspiring example of community spirit, and there are many ways you can get involved too. Consider shopping locally and committing to doing one small thing for your favorite small business each week – it could be making a purchase or giving them a shout-out on social media.

By supporting small businesses regularly, not only will you experience a sense of fulfillment, but you’ll also help business owners and contribute to the local economy. As Joe Tant famously says, “Once upon a time, someone helped me, and I promised to always give back.”

Looking Ahead: Chamber Up and Beyond

With the success of the Small Business Friday program and Chamber Up initiative, it’s clear that Elton Hollis and Joe Tant are onto something special. Their dedication to fostering growth and support within their community has resonated with countless small business owners, inspiring them to pay it forward.

The dynamic duo is continuously seeking new ways to expand their reach and impact. One such example is their partnership with marketing platform Atmosphere, which promotes events in Southeast Texas that encourage economic growth in the area. Upcoming events include the Southeast Texas Industrial Contractors Golf Tournament on October 6th, 2023.

A Lasting Impact on Small Business Success

The partnership of Elton Hollis and Joe Tant has proven to be a force for good in the world of small businesses. Their passion and commitment to helping others have created a powerful movement that will no doubt continue to grow and impact communities far and wide.

To stay updated on their latest endeavors and learn more about how you can support small businesses, follow Small Business Friday on YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook. You never know when your small act of kindness might change the life of a local entrepreneur, so join Elton and Joe in their mission to make a difference – one small business at a time.

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