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Sing, Dance, Learn – The Patty Shukla Success Story


Sing, Dance, Learn – The Patty Shukla Success Story

A household name in the realm of early childhood educational music, award-winning artist Patty Shukla is set for an exciting year ahead. Come April, she’s scheduled to give the prestigious keynote address at the Ohio AEYC Teachers Conference. This summer, she embarks on her 14th consecutive tour across the US, bringing her signature performances to stages in Iowa, Illinois, Florida, and the Florida Keys. Live updates on her tour schedule can be accessed easily on all major social platforms.

Shukla, an award-winning musician celebrated with the Parents Pick 2024, has seen her fame soar through the joyful brilliance of Patty’s Primary Songs, an engaging program that aids children in mastering early development skills through interactive music. With over 2 million+ subscribers on her YouTube Channel benefiting from the remarkable influence of her application of music to education, she has become an integral part of the learning journey for many young minds worldwide. Additionally, as an accomplished author, her insightful publications are available on Amazon Kindle, further enriching her contributions to educational content and extending her reach beyond music.

Currently, she’s creatively immersed in crafting a song focused on words of affirmation, addressing their importance in imparting key life skills to kids. True to her commitment towards inclusivity, she’s developing a video that celebrates diversity, alive with the vibrance of our global community. Moreover, she’s composing a rhyming song to fortify reading skills, promising entertaining yet effective learning methods. Shukla’s passion for multicultural collaboration, deeply rooted in her South American heritage, is inspiring her to translate more of her songs into Spanish.

Collaboration is a particular focus for Shukla, excitedly, she mentions her recent partnership with renowned educator and YouTuber, Jack Hartmann. Eager to collaborate with other famed children’s musicians like Raffi, Laurie Berkner, Bounce Patrol, and the Wiggles, Shukla’s commitment to keeping her melody-based learning resources accessible and available for free on platforms like YouTube, her iOS app and website accentuates her dedication towards high-quality early education.

Describing her music as “interactive and engaging,” Shukla vividly details how her tunes invite children to dance while learning educational concepts. Seamlessly incorporated into the lively experience, her songs encourage kids to twist to musical chairs, dance to colors, stretch, count, and even sing phonics words.

The seeds of music were sown early for Shukla, finding their roots in her intimate harmonies with her twin sister at the tender age of 4. By her teenage years, she started creating original compositions. Having embarked on a full-time music career after her formal education in theater and music from Florida State University, the miraculous development of her non-verbal son through her music led her down the path of musical education. Ever since the success of her initial educational songs for her son on YouTube, she’s worked passionately to create a comprehensive educational music curriculum spanning the vital 0-8 age bracket.

The profound passion that Patty Shukla brings to her craft, coupled with her dedication, resonate in her every song and video. As she continues to shape young learners’ lives through her music and educational resources, she remains committed to her vision. From her glorious past to her enthusiastic present, she echoes a single sentiment: Play is the most effective way of imparting developmental skills to young children, making every moment of their learning journey enjoyable, engaging and enriching.

For an array of songs that blend education with fun, follow Patty Shukla on her Linktree, check out her website, or watch her engaging content on YouTube at Patty Shukla and Patty’s Mommy and Me. Stay updated via Instagram and Facebook.

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