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Rising Star 2EAS¥ Shakes the Scene with New Single “EVEN”


Rising Star 2EAS¥ Shakes the Scene with New Single “EVEN”

2EAS¥, an American songwriter and producer, is making waves in the hip-hop and rap scene with his latest single “EVEN.” Released on March 8th, this track sees him partnering with the up-and-coming artist DEADonMARRS, delivering a sound that has caught the ears of music enthusiasts and critics alike. “EVEN” represents a significant milestone in 2EAS¥’s career, highlighting his knack for merging impactful lyricism with beats that linger long after the song ends.

EVEN” is not just a song; it’s a statement. At just over two minutes, the track encapsulates the essence of what makes 2EAS¥ a rising artist in the hip-hop scene. Featuring the youngest artist signed to Quality Control, DEADonMARRS, the song benefits from a dynamic collaboration that hints at more exciting projects in the future. The inclusion of Ciji Banks, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, adds another layer to the song’s production, highlighting the collaborative spirit that underpins this latest offering.

“EVEN” – 2EAS¥

2EAS¥’s journey in music began in high school, and since then, he has not looked back. His relentless pursuit of musical excellence saw him release his first EP “The Servant” in 2020, a project that showcased his rhyming skills and ghostwriting prowess. Over the years, 2EAS¥ has rubbed shoulders with several award-winning artists, contributing to projects that have solidified his place in the industry. His affiliation with the creative collective ‘Onto New Growth’ has further amplified his influence, leading to chart-topping hits and significant meetings with industry heavyweights.

When asked about his music, 2EAS¥ describes it as “versatile, east coast hip hop,” a style that resonates with many. He aims to offer listeners a blend of enjoyable wordplay and save-worthy tracks. Influenced by giants like Kanye West and Drake, 2EAS¥ admires their boldness, versatility, and ability to engage with up-and-coming artists. This admiration is evident in his work, as he navigates his music with a similar approach.

Looking ahead, 2EAS¥ is not slowing down. With plans to release a music video with Camo! and performances scheduled at SXSW in Austin, TX, alongside Onto New Growth members, the artist is on an upward trajectory. Fans can also look forward to “Circus,” his new release set to drop on March 29th on all streaming platforms.

“EVEN” stands as a testament to 2EAS¥’s evolving artistry and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop music. As 2EAS¥ continues to carve his path in the music industry, it’s clear that he is an artist to watch, promising more innovative and captivating projects in the future.

Follow 2EAS¥ on Instagram, listen to his music on Spotify, and explore more tracks on Soundcloud.

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