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Rincondealfred: The New Face of Electronic/Dance and House Music


Rincondealfred: The New Face of Electronic/Dance and House Music

The music industry has blessed us with another skillful DJ and producer. His name is Rincondealfred, and he’s here to motivate listeners with his infectious beats and grinds hard to spread nothing but love and joy!

Hailing straight from Paraguay, he’s known for being expressive, which is heard in his Electronic/Dance and House music. 

With his album “La Nueva Orden,” which has more than 20 hard beats to vibe to, he has gained quite the popularity and a reputation for being one of the hardest workers in the industry and known as an artist who’s clearly on the rise.

Even though there is room to improve, it is safe to assume he has what it takes to make it in the industry. We give it a couple more years of perfecting his craft, and he’ll soon be well-seasoned enough to hit the charts.

The love and positivity he got from his previous album were sensational and visible since he has amassed more than forty thousand followers on Instagram, with even more on other socials. 

The Fuel To Rincondealfred’s Fire 

We all have our idols, and even though he does what he does, which is churning out great beats each drop and spreading the love around to his fans, the man is no different.

Rincondealfred’s fuel, motivation, idol, and inspiration are non-other than the award-winning DJ Alan Walker. The artist is known to spread positivity and to encourage words to all budding young talented artists, and Rincondealfred aspires to be someone of his great stature.

Even though the journey to the top may be quite bumpy, we can see that this budding young talented DJ and producer is getting there.

He mentioned that his one dream is someday to collaborate with his idol, Alan Walker. From the look of the positive responses from people globally, that dream might be closer after all. Got to love the sheer tenacity of this man!

Brace Yourself For “Mi Último Deseo”

Since the beginning of his career back in 2020, Rincondealfred has not stopped grinding.

Great news for fans and first-time listeners alike, the artist has mentioned that he is working on his new album, “Mi Último Deseo,” featuring some of his greatest hits yet. 

But it keeps getting better; although the date hasn’t been set, the whole album will be out in May, so tune in to his Spotify and feel the passion!

Big Dreams But Bigger Achievements

Although Rincondealfred is clearly not where he aspires to be yet, we can see that he is dedicated to putting all his time into perfecting his craft and achieving the heights most artists fail to. 

And seeing that he started out with nothing back in 2019, the success he has gained over the years is truly inspirational. The artist also mentioned that he wants his people (the fans) to take the message of persistence. 

Whatever path you choose, persistence will get you there. Hit the streaming platform links to get to know Rincondealfred and introduce yourself to all his great music.

Merch – Rincondealfred

Youtube – Alfred

Facebook – Rincondealfred

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