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MAVIS SWAN POOLE – A Versatile Voice in Modern Music


MAVIS SWAN POOLE – A Versatile Voice in Modern Music

MAVIS SWAN POOLE, affectionately nicknamed “Little Ella” by the late legendary trombonist Curtis Fuller, stands out in the dynamic world of music with her unique style and prowess. Her musical journey, marked by impressive achievements and an inspiring path, sets her apart as an artist who has truly left an indelible mark in the industry.

Graduating Magna Cum Laude in ’07 from North Carolina Central University, Mavis Swan Poole’s academic achievements are as varied as her musical talents. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a Bachelor of Music, focusing on Jazz Vocal Studies. Poole furthered her education with a Master’s in Music from Queens College in NYC, where she honed her skills in Jazz Vocal Performance. Additionally, her academic pursuits extended into the realm of Psychology, reflecting her diverse interests and depth of character.

POOLE’s career is not just limited to performing. As an educator, she has imparted her knowledge as a Vocal Jazz Adjunct Professor at North Carolina Central University and presently serves as a 6-12 grade Music Teacher at a prestigious charter school. With over two decades of experience as a Vocal Coach, POOLE balances teaching with her passion for performing music globally.

Her contributions to music have not gone unnoticed. POOLE is an award-winning Vocal Musician recognized internationally for her unique ability to transcend genre boundaries. Her voice, described as rich and smoky, is known for its rare ability to produce multiphonics – singing two or more notes simultaneously. This rare gift, coupled with her resilience as a vocal surgery and sulcus survivor, adds depth to her artistic persona.

POOLE’s talent has earned her accolades from peers and legends alike. After her band, Soul Understated, co-led with Jeremy BEAN Clemons, performed at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival in June 2015, the late Al Jarreau praised her performance, comparing its impact to that of jazz legends Coltrane and Miles. Her versatility allows her to croon melodiously and improvise with the confidence of a seasoned instrumentalist.

Her stage presence has been enhanced by collaborations with a diverse array of musical icons, including Sheryl Crow, Dr. Billy Taylor, Gladys Knight, PRINCE and NPG, Lauryn Hill, Shirley Caesar, Mavis Staples, 9th Wonder, and The Wailers. These collaborations highlight her adaptability and the respect she commands within the music community.

Currently, POOLE is making waves with her new single “Every Man Ain’t The Same” (ISRC#: QZ-VQK-22-91272), presented by Unlimited Wealth Entertainment LLC and MSP Music. The track, which is gaining traction on national radio, exemplifies her ability to blend soul, neo-soul, smooth jazz, and easy listening genres seamlessly.

POOLE’s fans have much to look forward to, with upcoming shows and releases on the horizon. Her new single, available for download and streaming, is a testament to her unique song interpretation and vocal delivery.

For more information on MAVIS SWAN POOLE, her music, and upcoming events, fans can follow her journey through her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

In the realm of modern music, MAVIS SWAN POOLE stands as a multifaceted artist, seamlessly bridging genres and generations with her unique voice and enduring spirit.

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