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Louis X: The Next Generation of Talent Following in Guetta’s Footsteps


Louis X: The Next Generation of Talent Following in Guetta’s Footsteps

David Guetta has been an inspiration to countless artists, musicians, and DJs. His immense humbleness only matches his eccentric personality, and his music speaks volumes to his many fans. The multiple Grammy Award winner has paved the way for the next generation of talent, and that’s where Louis X comes into the picture.

Who Is Louis X?

Louis X is a talented DJ, record producer, remixer, and upcoming dance music persona. He has been performing in various clubs, music festivals, and events for quite a while, generating a strong buzz in the nightclub scene.

Originally from Mykonos, Greece, Louis believes his music can make people forget about their biggest problems, and we believe him too. His original tracks are lighting up Spotify, and his live performances always get the crowd moving.

Louis wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a big personality in the music industry, and he’s taking it one step at a time. He already has a growing fan base on Instagram, all of whom love listening to his live DJ performances. Louis can bring a whole new level of euphoria to the crowd, and that’s merely ONE of his talents.

Background And Early Life

Louis X’s real name is Arntit Stavro, which can be a bit rough on the tongue if you’re a native English speaker. Growing up in Mykonos, there wasn’t much that inspired a young Arntit. Like everyone else, he just wanted to get by doing odd jobs here and there.

Although Arntit did listen to music as a kid, he wasn’t all that serious about making it into a full-time profession. He started working at a local restaurant in Mykonos at the age of 16, where the busy life of a waiter kept him occupied most of the time. It wasn’t until he went to his first David Guetta performance that he realized his dreams.

How David Guetta Inspired Louis X

One faithful night in 2007, Arntit’s friend took him to a place called Cavo Paradiso, which is arguably one of the hottest clubs in Mykonos. Although he was only 16 then, he somehow snuck past the bouncers and found himself on the dance floor.

This was the exact moment when he saw, you guessed it, the world-famous DJ, David Guetta. It was Arntit’s first time seeing Guetta perform, and he admits it was the happiest night of his life. The 16-year lad went through a series of powerful emotions within the next few hours. Love, bliss, joy, and intense raptures of pure happiness all ran through his soul. After that night, he just knew this was life for him.

Arntit bought his first music-making software the next day. Needless to say, the entire series of events is precisely what gave birth to the persona known as Louis X.

What’s The Next Move For Louis X?

Louis X has made several original compositions, which you can find on his Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Beatport. He has a growing fan following on Instagram and is planning big things for the future. Come April, he will perform at the Cosma Club Mykonos and later in Albania, Bali, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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