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Livid: This Rising Talented Rapper Is Making Noise and We’re Here for It


Livid: This Rising Talented Rapper Is Making Noise and We’re Here for It

The rap game is constantly evolving, bringing new sounds, techniques, and fresh new perspectives into our minds. It’s what makes the whole scene so exciting!

Remember when Lil Pump came up with Gucci Gang and put mumble rap on the world stage? Or how about way back when Eminem proved that white people could indeed rap and captivate an audience with intense lyrics and intricate flows? Well, you’re about to see something that could be similar moving forward.

There’s Always Something New In Hip Hop

Every era has a new kid on the block who eventually climbs to the top of the ladder after a certain point. It’s always tricky to find them while they’re still going through those early stages of mastering their craft. But today, we think we’ve found someone very interesting indeed.

Introducing Livid; A.K.A Brock Simpson. He’s already released a volume of tracks on Spotify and recently came up with a BALLIN album that’s got us hooked. Read ahead to learn more.

Who Is Livid?

Going by the stage name ‘Livid,’ Brock Simpson grew up as an introverted kid with a deep fascination for rap music. He became obsessed with the genre after he heard a track by LL Cool J in some sports highlight reels (naturally). Since then, he has dedicated his life to understanding rap, learning music, and turning his thoughts, expressions, and experiences into lyrical rhymes.

What started as a hobby soon blew up as a passion, a great love for the hip-hop game, which has only grown stronger. Today, he is an artist on the rise with several Spotify releases, and a dope new album has been making the rounds in the community.

What Makes Livid Stand Out?

The first thing we noticed about Livid was his outstanding lyrical creativity. Not only are his rhymes pretty on-point, but they also make a huge impact and leave a colossal impression on you. His ability to mix old-school bars with a new touch is absolutely engrossing; honestly leaving us wanting to hear more.

Many rappers go through a comfortable life filled with designer clothes, luxury wheels, and ridiculously expensive gold chains that look like body armor; However, Livid doesn’t seem to be one of them.

This up-and-coming artist in the making believes in sacrificing comfort for creativity and letting go of luxury for grit. He lives his life constantly observing his surroundings and writing about his experiences. He also writes about overcoming prejudice, judgment, and shallow criticisms prevalent in today’s music culture.

Is Livid A Good Rapper?

We would say two things. Given what we’ve heard so far, Livid reflects a seasoned artist who can dish out speedy intricate flows while maintaining a pretty damn good cadence along the way. Additionally, his lyrics are creatively sincere while being uniquely playful in some areas. He seems to remain humbled about his skill-set, but definitely has some confidence on his delivery – which we love.

We’re impressed by his impactful voice, which always seems to be lit with passion and overall intensity. His lyrics are quite methodical; each syllable is carefully composed to prove this isn’t his first time on a mic. As far as ‘good’ rappers go, we think he fits the bill.

Livid is working on his new album ‘Devil’s Advocate’, which will release in the next few months. Until then, you can check out his music on Spotify or his latest album ‘Behind Closed Doors.’

Additionally, you can visit the rapper on his socials below,


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