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Linnon Stylz – The Rising Phenomenon and New King of R&B


Linnon Stylz – The Rising Phenomenon and New King of R&B

Melodies hummed from deep within, lyrics that resonate with the human soul, and the power to connect the tangible with the spiritual – that’s what R&B is all about. And it is precisely these attributes that Detroit’s very own Linnon Stylz has come to embody. With his exceptional talent and unique perspectives, he’s taking the world of R&B by storm and is poised to ascend the throne as the new king of this genre.

Linnon Stylz, CEO of Linnon Stylz Ent, Inc., is a homegrown prodigy from the Motown city itself. His connection with music traces back to his early days when he used to be the lead singer of the youth choir at Galation Missionary Baptist Church. The passion for music that was ignited then has only flared brighter with time. And the echo of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” still reverberates in his soul, continually propelling him towards his dreams.

Stylz’s music is a breath of fresh air in the often-stagnant world of contemporary R&B. He intertwines the old school charm with the novel dynamism of the genre, ensuring his music transcends time and resonates with a broad audience base. It’s his creative commitment to “new RnB with an old school flavor” that has made him a fast-rising sensation in the music industry.

His recently released project, “Robbery SkatPack“, dropped on July 7th, 2023, and has already amassed an impressive 200k+ streams across all platforms. The album, a compilation of various renditions of his hit single “Robbery”, beautifully encapsulates the commonality of human experiences of loss – be it time, money, or love. But it’s not just about the losses; it’s about transforming these losses into strength, about overcoming adversity, and continuing the journey with resilience and passion. And that’s exactly what Linnon Stylz aims to bring across through his music.

Apart from being an accomplished vocalist, Linnon is also a dedicated songwriter and producer. His authentic narratives, drawn from personal experiences, serve as the soulful essence of his music. It’s this transparency and vulnerability that lets his listeners connect to the music on a deeper level, enabling them to feel the vibes of real RnB in its purest form.

As an artist, Linnon Stylz is on a perpetual quest to push boundaries and create records that are enjoyable, pleasurable, and hit the sweet spot in the listener’s heart. His music is an unexpected journey through his life experiences and emotional landscape, making every song a unique experience for the listener.

Stylz is currently working on his album “Blinded By Love”, but fans can already enjoy his soulful sound on various platforms. Get a taste of his unique RnB flavor on Spotify, groove to his rhythmic beats on TikTok, explore his discography on Apple Music, or connect with him on Instagram.

When asked about his dream collaboration, Stylz had a refreshing perspective. Instead of choosing a specific artist, he emphasized the importance of a shared energy and vibe, indicating a commitment to artistic authenticity over mere fame or popularity.

Through his musical journey, Linnon Stylz has demonstrated that he is not just an artist but also an embodiment of resilience and strength. His compelling life experiences and his unswerving dedication to his craft make him a powerful voice in the realm of RnB. As he continues to ascend to new heights of success, one thing is clear – Linnon Stylz is not just a music maker; he is a trendsetter and a compelling storyteller with a heart full of melodies.

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