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Lil Skreet – From Longview to Limelight, a Triphop Artist on the Rise


Lil Skreet – From Longview to Limelight, a Triphop Artist on the Rise

Tucked away in the heart of Washington State lies the small town of Longview; a place that you seldom hear pronounced in the music industry. Yet, from this modest gem emerges an artist who is rapidly shaping a new path, evoking sensation and inspiring audiences with his distinct sound – meet Lil Skreet.

Known by the real name, Johnathan Armstrong, Lil Skreet is a multi-faceted artist who relishes in the challenge of creating music across a plethora of vibes, reflective of his current sentiments. Sometimes explicit, at times gentle – his music always aims to engage listeners on an emotional level rather than purely lyrically. However, there is a certain cleverness hidden within his lyrics, alluding to cultural references that may often escape detection. As a representation of his growth as an artist, Lil Skreet is predominantly recognized for his latest songs.

Lil Skreet’s ambition is derived from his inherent desire to stimulate, inspire, and evoke feelings within his audience. His artistry invites interpretation from listeners while maintaining a shroud of intrigue around his lyrics. This interactive nature of his music particularly extends to his newest compositions, a deviation from his previous works, marking his evolution as an artist.

In terms of new releases and shows, the artist is presently collaborating with a booking agent to schedule upcoming performances. His music catalogue includes popular hits such as “Tell by my drip,” “Space Coupe,” “Smith and Wesson,” and “Keep Safe”. Yet, the central focus lies on his trippy, psychedelic project titled “Perc Armstrong”. Embodying a fusion of space and art, the album is said to be slated for a release later this year.

In his latest single, “Perc Armstrong,” Lil Skreet surprises listeners with a sampled nod to “Hier encore” by Charles Aznavour. This intriguing sample, masterfully converted into an enthralling hip-hop beat then amplified by a robust bass, seals the deal for an unforgettable banger. ‘Perc Armstrong’ is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Despite his growing success, Armstrong remains rooted in his harsh reality. Balancing the demands of a full-time job and caring for his two children, he struggles to carve out ample time for his music. Yet, his resilience and unwavering passion for creating art have kept him going, with the hope that his music can eventually secure a financially stable life for his family.

For first-time followers, Lil Skreet can be best described as a persevering artist who endeavors to make his mark in today’s dynamic hip-hop scene, with a music style heavily influenced by the Atlanta music scene. His reach may currently be restricted within Washington due to limited marketing avenues, but with persistent effort and support, Armstrong dreams to expand his fan base beyond his native town.

Fans can explore Lil Skreet’s music on his Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube channels. Fasten your seatbelts as we follow this rising star on an intergalactic music quest with his upcoming album, ‘Perc Armstrong’. Lil Skreet, the small-town dreamer, is on track to make this mark – one track at a time. A hardworking musician, a tender-hearted father, a passionate artist – this is Lil Skreet, ready to impress, inspire, and thrive.

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